In 2014, Solar Group revenue totalled around DKK 10.3bn. The group currently employs around 3,000 employees.

Solar A/S is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen with the short designation SOLAR B and has been listed since 1953. The stock is included in the MidCap+ index.

The chairman of the Solar Group Board of Directors is associate professor, lic. scient. Jens Borum. The Executive Board of the company is in the hands of CEO Anders Wilhjelm and CFO Michael H. Jeppesen.

Solar A/S was founded in Kolding in 1919 under the name Aktieselskabet Nordisk Solar Compagni.

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The Solar Group is one of Northern Europe's leading sourcing and services companies. 

Solar offers a wide range of products and services, mainly within electrical, heating, plumbing and ventilation technologies

At Solar we believe in the power of yes. We are marketing 215,000 products but selling only one-of-a-kind solutions. The ability to understand and meet our customers’ needs is fundamental to our success.

Solar unites warehouse and distribution strengths with technical and marketing competences and support in one unique concept. We provide products, knowledge and solutions.

The group has subsidiaries in Denmark incl. the Faroes, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Austria.