Solar prepared a refreshed strategy for the period 2010-2015. This group strategy is designed to ensure improved financial performance and continued advancement of the group’s position as a technical wholesaler in a challenging market.

 Five strategic focus areas are in scope for the strategy period 2013-2015:
• Keep strengthening our position as one of Northern Europe's leading sourcing and services companies within electrical, heating, plumbing and ventilation products. This requires a dedicated business model.
• Increase productivity by focusing on business acumen as well as simplification, standardisation and digitalisation in our daily operations. This will increase productivity both internally and throughout the value chain.
• Create a more proactive sales organisation using standardised processes with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Moreover, improve our ability to deliver both physical and non-physical products (Solar Services).
• Capture organic growth opportunities by increasing our focus on the climate and energy segments by expanding our product and service offers and increasing our energy competences.
• Train our sales force in proactive selling, secure general career development within Solar, and launch an Employer Branding concept to promote Solar as an attractive employer.

Financial targets

Financial ratio Period Target
Equity ratio 2014-2015 35-40%
Gearing (NIBD/EBITDA), no. of times 2014-2015  1.5-2.5
Payout ratio (of earnings after tax) 2014-2015  35-45%


We must excel in three vital areas

Excellence in Business Acumen, Operation and People is a must to achieve our strategies.

This strategy includes a number of company programmes, i.e. strategic initiatives which improve our ability to execute our strategy and reach our strategic objectives. We have deliberately chosen to focus on only a few company programmes for the period 2013-2015.

Group Company Programmes 2013-2015

    • Solar Way
    • Sales Excellence
    • Blue Energy
    • People Development 

Our business concept Solar 8000 is part of Solar Way.

As a technical wholesaler, Solar operates
within the following product areas:
    • Installation material
    • Lighting
    • Industrial automation
    • Cable
    • Marine/offshore
    • Communication/data
    • Security
Air conditioning & refrigeration
Renewable energy