One focus and three priorities:

Focus: Profitably grow our business

Priority: Strengthen our position as a European sourcing and services company
• Strengthen focus on value creation beyond classic business model
• Expand business and scope where synergies can be harvested

Priority: Improve performance by complexity reduction and operational excellence
• Strengthen sourcing and supply chain
• Maintain and strengthen e-business leadership
• Leverage common platforms (systems, processes)

Priority: Focus on customer needs
• Understand Solar’s role and ability to create value to each customer segment
• Strengthen ability to differentiate offer to customer segments’ preferences
• Open minds to new business opportunities


Financial targets

The creation of long-term value for our customers and shareholders is what drives us. Our very simple strategy is to generate profitable growth.

Financial ratio  Financial target
Growth   We aim to generate profitable growth above market levels. 
ROIC (incl. amortisation and tax)   We aim to deliver long-term returns on invested capital of more than 10%.
Equity ratio 35-40%
Gearing (NIBD/EBITDA),
no. of times 
Payout ratio
(of earnings after tax) 


Standardised business processes supported by SAP

Solar bases its business on standardised processes supported by SAP in all 4 key markets. The transparency which is built into business processes and system operation ensures one frame of reference within management. In addition, a high data quality enhances the predictability of outcome.


As a sourcing and services company Solar operates within the following product areas:

    • Electrical
    • Installation material
    • Lighting
    • Industrial automation
    • Cable
    • Marine/offshore
    • Communication/data
    • Security
    • Heating
    • Plumbing
    • Ventilation
    • Air conditioning & refrigeration
    • Renewable energy