One focus and three priorities:

Focus: Profitably grow our business

Priority: Strengthen our position as a European sourcing and services company
• Strengthen focus on value creation beyond classic business model
• Expand business and scope where synergies can be harvested

Priority: Improve performance by complexity reduction and operational excellence
• Strengthen sourcing and supply chain
• Maintain and strengthen e-business leadership
• Leverage common platforms (systems, processes)

Priority: Focus on customer needs
• Understand Solar’s role and ability to create value to each customer segment
• Strengthen ability to differentiate offer to customer segments’ preferences
• Open minds to new business opportunities


Financial targets

Financial ratio  Period Target
Equity ratio 2014-2015  35-40%
Gearing (NIBD/EBITDA),
no. of times 
2014-2015  1.5-2.5 
Payout ratio
(of earnings after tax) 
2014-2015  35-45% 


Standardised business processes supported by SAP

Solar bases its business on standardised processes supported by SAP in all 4 key markets. The transparency which is built into business processes and system operation ensures one frame of reference within management. In addition, a high data quality enhances the predictability of outcome.


As a sourcing and services company Solar operates within the following product areas:

    • Electrical
    • Installation material
    • Lighting
    • Industrial automation
    • Cable
    • Marine/offshore
    • Communication/data
    • Security
    • Heating
    • Plumbing
    • Ventilation
    • Air conditioning & refrigeration
    • Renewable energy