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No. 9 2014 Course of annual general meeting (AGM) of Solar A/S | 11.4.2014
The AGM adopted the resolution to make dividend payments of DKK 12.00 (€ 1.61) per share at DKK 100.
Newly elected to the Board of Directors was Ulf Gundemark.

No. 8 2014 Election of employee representatives for the Board of Directors of Solar A/S | 28.3.2014
Ordinary election of employee representatives for the Board of Directors of Solar A/S was held electronically during the period from 17–27 March 2014 with a turnout of 57.3%.

No. 7 2014 Major shareholder announcement | 24.3.2014
Investeringsforeningen Nordea Invest’s holding of Solar B shares now totals 398,631 shares at DKK 100, corresponding to an ownership share of 5.03% and a voting right of 2.5%.

No. 6 2014 Grant of options to the Executive Board and management team | 19.3.2014
Solar’s Board of Directors will grant a total of 24,092 options in 2014. The total market value is € 0.3m.

No. 5 2014 Exercise of options in Solar A/S | 19.3.2014
Under Section 28a of the Danish Securities Trading Act, Solar is required to report any trading in Solar A/S shares and related securities of supervisory or executive board members, Solar Management Team members and related parties.

No. 4 2014 Notice of annual general meeting | 17.3.2014
Solar A/S will hold its annual general meeting on Friday 11 April 2014 at 11.00 CET at the premises of Solar Danmark A/S, Industrivej Vest 43, 6600 Vejen, Denmark.