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The Solar Group appoints a strong Commercial Director | 2.6.2014
The Solar Group strengthens its strategic management by appointing a commercial director. The job function is new in Solar and includes sales and marketing, product/industry management and business development.

And the new business area will be headed by a very experienced international leader. 49 year old Hugo Dorph has been appointed Commercial Director with immediate effect, and consequ...

Solar Group will increase customer focus and improve operations | 15.5.2014
In the first quarter of the year, Solar A/S with headquarters in Kolding, Denmark, had revenue of € 378.4m and realised an operating profit (EBITA) of € 2.9m. Compared with the first quarter of last year, revenue increased by net 2.3%, while an operating loss of € 3.9m is turned into a profit.

- We are going to focus on two things in the nearest future. We need to be skilled at procur...