The Solar Group is in focus during prime time

The Solar Group’s Danish subsidiary in Vejen, Solar Danmark A/S, has had a visit from Danish television, more specifically DR – The Danish Broadcasting Corporation – who wanted to experience productivity improvements in practice.

As Solar earlier this year received the Confederation of Danish Industry’s productivity award for its great efforts within the Lean area and for the noticeable results, the company was a natural choice.

You can see the result of DR’s filmings on Wednesday 6 October 2010 at 21:25 on the DR1 channel in the programme named “Magasinet Penge” (the Money Magazine) following the programme called “TV-Avisen” (the evening News).

The theme of the programme is: “How do we get growth back up again”, and during the programme it will be possible to enter the walls of Solar.

Kind regards,

Charlotte Risskov Kræfting
Corporate IR & Communications Manager
Solar A/S