The news items you get from the provider you subscribe to are called “feeds”. The RSS Reader will automatically display the latest RSS feeds for you.

A number of free and commercial RSS Readers are available for download. Just type “RSS Reader” in the search engine (Google, Yahoo etc.)  or click here to find and download your preferred Reader.

Accordingly, Solar A/S wishes to offer you the opportunity to keep updated on news and product highlights from Solar A/S and offers you four different feeds. You find the list in the black box.

To have the latest news from Solar A/S delivered directly to you, please follow these three steps:

1. Install a RSS reader
2. Copy the link in the box to the right (right click and select "Copy Shortcut")
3. Paste the link into your reader (follow the instructions from the specific reader to "Add New Feed").
Go through step two and three again, if you want more than one feed in your RSS reader.