Total control for total efficiency and profitability

Experience ordering at its most efficient and convenient. Our solutions take mistakes and unnecessary expenses out of the equation.

Solar’s Ordering Services are accessible 24/7. Our customers can procure and maintain exactly the inventory they need – nothing more, nothing less. Our e-business solutions make this a simple and intuitive process. Our customers always have an overview of orders, offers, catalogues, products and prices right on their computer, tablet or mobile. A host of tools – such as our Solar Mobile, Solar Webshop and Favourite List – make regular restocking easier than ever before.

To make product selection and implementation even easier and more cost-efficient, we have introduced our Solar product concepts. Each one features an ensemble of tools and products to ensure that our customers get the optimal product or solution for the job.


Increase your earnings with easy, time saving services that eliminate unnecessary and expensive work processes along with ordering mistakes. Solar Product Concepts make your choice even easier and cost-efficient, offering a variety of product range packs that will perfectly match the quality, expense or energy efficiency that you are looking for.

A hotline for ordering stock that you need to be delivered immediately.


Why buy equipment you’ll only use once or twice? Avoid unnecessary costs with Solar Rent-it.


Electronic Data Interchange – enables our customers to make simpler and safer transactions with us.


Order frequently used products much more easily and faster from computer, Solar Mobile and as printed product catalogues with barcodes. The Solar Tools range is able to cover about 80% of the average panel builder's daily tool requirements.


The Solar Mobile app gives you access to over 250,000 products at the palm of your hand. Place orders, create offers, search for documentation, generate barcodes, get prices and perform searches through our extensive article database.


Solar Plus covers the most-used installation materials from the most popular quality brands. Solar Webstock keeps track of stock usage and automatically reorders items that are running low.
Solar Services

We can help improve every aspect of our customers' business

Solar Services have been developed to deliver value to all areas and work processes within our customers' businesses. We have developed these based on our more than 90 years of experience and a deep understanding of our customers’ diverse needs.