Generational shift closing in on Nordisk Solar

The founder of Nordisk Solar, Jacob Jørgensen, who turned 70 years old at the beginning of the year, is appointing several directors and lines up the next generation. 

The entrepreneurial managing director, Jacob Jørgensen, is known and respected by the Danish business community for being a merchant, manufacturer, shipping company owner, developer and property owner. 

In a timely matter, Jacob Jørgensen positions his son, Harald Jørgensen, who runs Solar’s Copenhagen branches, by his side in the executive management. Furthermore, he is flanked by his son in law, Jørgen Borum, who is Chief Financial Officer, as well as C P Ørssleff, who is the commercial director of the company.

We still have the same Captain at the helm, but now he is supported by skilled chief officers on the bridge. The course is set, the wind has hit the sails and the next generation is prepared to step in.

Proximity and presence
Jacob Jørgensen soon sets off the overall goal and direction of Solar and its future development. The slogan for the new members of the executive management is clear and unambiguous: Solar should fasten and expand its position as being:
- Denmark’s leading electrical wholesaler
- Nationwide with a net of branch offices close to the customer
- Manufacturer of lighting and electricity materials

In all regards, Solar should be close to the customers. In part this meant having a nationwide range of branch offices, but is also meant having a cooperative intimacy and the ability to listen to the customer and understand their daily business, their needs and opportunities.

With proximity and presence, Solar should keep its finger on the pulse of the market and thereby be able to adjust quickly and be the first to transform the changing needs of the market into a sound business and increased customer value. 

Market growth and expansion of branch offices 
Already by the end of the 1950s, the economic recovery starts in Denmark. We experience an economic boom. The average growth rate is situated at approx. 5% and the consequent wealth quickly gets a hold on us in the beginning of the 1960s. This is where we see the biggest boom in construction of single family homes in Danish history.

In 1958, approx. 20,000 new homes were built, but that number quickly increased to 50,000 units only a few years later. The gigantic boom entails increased wealth and a considerable raise in consumption.

The growth manifests immediately as record like top and bottom line numbers in Solar’s annual reports.  Solar doesn’t only provide the many new homes with electricity materials. The company also ensures the industry a considerable sale when it comes to domestic appliances and smaller appliances via I/S El-Salg, which is headed by C P Ørssleff. (Today, El-Salg has more than 160 shops and is one of Denmark’s biggest chain stores within domestic appliances, smaller electric appliances and lighting).

In the years 1962 to 1966, Solar reaches the goal of a nationwide range of branch offices as offices are set up in Sønderborg, Silkeborg and Frederikshavn. Some of the existing offices move to bigger and more modern buildings. The rest are rebuilt and modernised with open display rooms with lighting.

Jacob Jørgensen dies at age 75 in 1967. Director Jørgen Borum takes over Jacob Jørgensen’s position in Solar’s board of directors.

Domestic appliances display

Ad for automated heating showcased in the special demonstration bus. From 1977.

Solar headquarters at Haderslevvej in Kolding

An industry technical department makes Solar less vulnerable to the turns and twists of the construction sector 
Director C. P. Ørssleff quickly decides to look towards the more technical sales. In 1975, he encourages a long term, employee named Poul Erik Nielsen, establish an industry department in Kolding. The first assignment for this department is to put together an industry technical assortment. C.P. Ørssleff has kept his eye on how the industry has rationalised, optimised and now also started to automate processes during the past years. He is convinced that industrial automation will develop into a flourishing market, as it is the answer to the high salary demands and lack of workers at the time.

In 1976, C. P. Ørssleff and Poul Erik Nielsen hire Sales Engineers in several of Solar’s branch offices. Their primary assignment is to boost the sales to industrial companies and institutions.

Establishing the industry department and hiring the sales engineers turn out to be of great importance. It becomes the off set for Solar to change its profile and become a leading technical wholesaler, over a few years.

Only two years later, Solar participates in Scandinavian’s biggest industry technical fair, called ”HI-77”, in Herning, Denmark. With them, they have a significant assortment within industry automation.

The same year, Solar acquires 50% of the share capital of the electronics company Silcon in Kolding. Over the past years, the company has developed and produced a range of advanced electronic products. The acquisition is made with the thought of creating a production and sales wise cooperation with Audiola and Solar’s wholesaler business.

Farewell to a great man:   
In 1980, Solar’s respected Director Claes p. Ørssleff dies after spending 35 years in Solar. As the one in charge of the commercial department (Procurement and Sales), in many ways, he had been the lead engine and the driving force, that lead Solar to the position, which it took now. In his obituary, it said: “Claes Ørssleff will be remembered as one of the biggest personalities in the electrical industry. His knowledge of products and all the conditions that characterized the industry was legendary and he was highly appreciated by both suppliers and customers. The industry has lead a tremendous loss with the passing of Claes P. Ørssleff”.

As a consequence of C. P. Ørssleff’s death, the grandson of Jacob Jørgensen, Thorkild Thage-Jørgensen, is named Deputy Director and enters the executive management on August 1st. The authorized signatories Bent Jensen and Carsten H. Ørssleff are named Sales Directors while Kurt Thisted is made Financial Director.

Next chapter in the history of Solar is published on August 17 2019.



Harald P. Jørgensen

Personal data:     
Name: Harald Preben Jørgensen     
Date of birth: January 6 1918   
Place of birth: Vamdrup         
Civil status: Married to Annelise Thage
Children: Thorkild Thage-Jørgensen, Vibeke Thage-Jørgensen, Agnete Thage-Jørgensen       
Address:Plantagevej 68, Birkerød 

Education and professional experience: 
1936 Mathematical student and later graduated cand oecon at Aarhus University
1941 Volunteer worker at Laur. Knudsen A/S
1942 Enters A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni
1945 Sole authority to sign for the company and Manager of the branch in Rosenborggade in Copenhagen
1950 Is named deputy director in A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni
1953 Is named Director and member of the board of directors
1960 Director in A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni responsible for procurement and sales
1961 Member of the executive management in Nordisk Solar Compagni

Memberships on the board of directors, positions of trust etc.
1954 Member of the board in A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni
1967 Chairman of the board in A/S Audiola
1968 Chairman of the board in A/S Jacob Jørgensen Holding  and Co, Kolding
1972 Chairman of the board in A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni, Kolding. Chairman of FAFGE's wholesaler division. Representing Elbranchens Fællesråd (the electrical industry’s common council). Chairman of FABA – The Union of Manufacturers and Importers of Lighting. Member of Denmark’s Electricity Materials Control – DEMKO
1978 Chairman of Solarfonden of 1978

Personal interests and qualifications:        
Interests: Family, art, form & design, jazz music     
Languages: Masters Danish, German and English is speech and writing
Profile: Industry merchant with knowledge of national economy and a passion for lighting.


Jørgen Borum

Personal data:    
Name: Jørgen Borum     
Date of birth: April 30 1917 
Place of birth: Middelfart       
Civil status: Married to Edith Jørgensen
Children: Karin Borum, Niels Borum, Jens Borum   
Address: Heimdalsvej 15, Kolding

Education and professional experience 
1941 Graduated banker at Kolding Folkebank
1942 Westholsteinischer Bank, Husum 
1943 Auditor at Central Institution of Accountancy, Cph.
1947 Diploma in business administration and accountancy, Business School of Copenhagen
1947 Managing the audit in SAS, Copenhagen
1950 Graduated State Authorised Accountant
1950 Warehouse employee at Nordisk Solar Compagni in Copenhagen
1951 Manager of the accounts department in A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni, Kolding
1952 Authorised to sign for the company at A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni 
1955 Deputy Director at A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni 
1960 Director at A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni 
1961 Member of the executive management at Nordisk Solar Compagni
1966 Director at A/S Audiola

Memberships on the board of directors, positions of trust etc.
1958 Chairman of Kolding Trade Association
1960 Member of the board of FAFGE`s Creditor division 
1962 Member of the board of A/S Audiola
1964 Chairman of Kolding Commercial School
1965 Chairman of The Jutlandic Central Trade Association 
1965 Vice Chairman of The Province Chamber of Commerce
1965 Member of the chairmanship of The Industrial Tax Committee
1966 Member of The Danish Trade Association’s Common Representation 
1967 Member of the board of TRI-Data A/S
1968 Member of the board of A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni
1968 Finish Consul and receiver of the Lejon Order
1976 Member of the board of Silcon Elektronik A/S. Kolding
1977 Chairman of the Fund of 20th December

Personal interests and qualifications:    
Interests: Family, Solar and a bit of golf
Languages: Masters Danish, German and English in speech and writing
Profile: Extremely competent finance expert and strategist. Self sacrificing and responsible Solarian. Loyal and humble of what has been created and given to him.


C. P. Ørssleff

Personal data:  
Name: Claes Preben Ørssleff       
Date of birth: January 1 1913   
Place of birth: Store Andst     
Civil status: Married to Margit Ørssleff
Children: Carsten Ørssleff     
Adress: Haderslevvej 25, Kolding 

Education and professional experience: 
1925 Lower secondary school leaving exam and subsequent education within the shipping industry 
1935 AEG Dansk Elektr. A/S, København
1938 Chr Augustinus Factories, København
1943 HD in business organisation, Business School
1945 Office Manager at A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni, Kolding
1950 Authorised signatory
1960 Managing director in A/S Nordisk Solar Compagni, responsible for procurement and sales
1961 Member of the executive board in Nordisk Solar Compagni
1980 Dies after a short period of illness

Memberships on the board of directors, positions of trust etc.
1949 Member of the board in Kolding Advertising Association
1952 Member of the board in Kolding Tourist Association
1956 Chairman of the board in Kolding Sales and Advertising Association
1958 President of Lions Club
1959 FAFGE´s  Wholesaler section,  Suppliers Committee
1962 Member of the board in A/S Audiola
1962 Chairman of the board in I/S El Salg

Personal interests and qualifications:       
Interests: His family, Photography, Rowing, Theater and culture
Language: Masters Danish, German and English in writing and speech
Leadership: Energetic, competent and a passionate merchant.  Is known to be a charismatic thoroughbred Solarian who made things happen with his organisational skills, sleek negotiation techniques and energetic effort, during his 35 years in the company.