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What is BIM?

BIM is a working process based on 3D building models for digitizing the building process.

Throughout the life cycle of the building, from idea to demolition, digital building models are the point of interaction for all activities associated with a construction project.

By using BIM, you reduce the number of unhandled issues on site while increasing efficiency and improving communication between the players who are part of your project. BIM also ensures an overview of quantities and the planning of the execution phase.


Lighting and requirement objects

Solar BIM consists of both lighting and requirement objects.

The lighting objects represent the physical products found on, and contain data sets for the individual lighting equipment.

Requirement objects address the part of the building process, where requirements for the materials are defined to ensure correct functionality in the building in the form of e.g. indoor climate. Requirement objects bridge the gap between the generic object used at the beginning of the project in the design phase and the choice of the final product for the execution.

Requirement objects ensure a design with product neutral objects that can be converted directly to a bill of materials based on the specified requirements for the product.


Collaboration with ABB to share knowledge about BIM


Through their strong product knowledge, associated BIM objects and BIM support tools, ABB is a manufacturer with a strong focus on BIM integration. Therefore, we work closely together with ABB to support the workflow related to converting the requirements defined in the detailed design phase into actual product-specific BIM objects.

We are in contact with consultants and contractors and closely follow the standardizations within BIM. So, if you have a project where BIM is a key element, you are welcome to contact us to discuss the possibilities within BIM from ABB and Solar.

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BIM and Solar Light

Solar Light BIM objects contain information on the selected lighting fixture, IES lighting file for correct light distribution, and the necessary clearance around the luminaire for installation and maintenance.

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BIM and Solar Project

Solar Project BIM objects (Requirement Objects) ensure a realistic design without being product specific. Use the objects to define the functional requirements of your installations as the basis for the final product selection.

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BIM and Thermrad

Thermrad BIM objects contain information about the selected radiator type and data for emission of heat at different temperature sets.

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