Save energy with lighting management

Benefit from our special lighting competences and gain access to a unique selection of products that are going to elevate the quality of your project

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Standard deliveries or specialised needs? Our delivery setup is equipped to handle tailored solutions for distribution and flow of materials, so we can offer you the right solution regardless of awkward sizes, distant or strategic locations or urgent needs

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Special handling

Correct marking and packaging of materials is key to making your workday more efficient. That's why we’re equipped to handle any special packaging, marking and prefabrication requirements you might have

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Inventory management

Our inventory management solutions cover all services linked to controlling and handling of inventory. We offer to control and handle your inventory to any degree you prefer either on a location defined by you or via different mechanisms

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Stay competitive within the electrical industry

Solar School organises a range of relevant courses for electrical installers, such as KNX (home and building control), solar panels, rules and regulations and first aid. Find a course close to you to stay updated on regulations and safety requirements

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Save energy with the right lighting

Lighting isn’t just fastening a lightbulb, it’s a science. Our experts have the skills to compose the unique collection of light, which will make your project stand out and suit the needs of your customer

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Solar Webshop

Don’t let the lack of materials slow down your efficiency. With Solar Webshop and Fastbox delivery, searching and ordering the right electrical materials has never been easier

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