Drammen Science Park

Daylight sensors will make sure that the light is turned off when sufficient daylight hits the work stations. Lights will be dimmed according to the changing daylight without you having to lift a finger.

All illuminators are controlled by a ready-programmed KNX system. The default setting is a lighting level of 300 lux so that you can save energy even when the luminaires are running on full intensity. Some of the classrooms have more luminaires in order to reach a lighting level of 1000 lux.

Energy-efficient construction calls for a different mind-set

Papirbredden is considered a pioneer project when it comes to work facilities of the future. This type of energy-efficient construction calls for a different way of thinking during the project planning and focuses not only on the installation costs but also on the yearly energy consumption per square metre going forward.

Emphasis is on using as many of the same illuminators as possible, covering several lamps in order to make maintenance and service easier, and thereby save money!

Architectural lighting

Lighting is used as an architectural effect in the open and bright premises where recessed light rails from Tecario create lines in corridors and stairways. In the canteen on the first floor, Lunis R with circular prism covers have been installed, which creates a whole, and are in the same style as the other luminaires. Papirbredden 2 is one of FutureBuilts pioneer projects and being a passive house it is subsidised by Enova, a government agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

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