Heating and plumbing

Consultancy by industry experts

Our team of heating and plumbing experts are always at your service, allowing you to take on important new projects without acquiring additional, expensive skills

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Save time with the right logistics

We know how important it is for you as a plumber to have materials delivered on time. That’s why we offer an efficient logistics setup to help you plan and make the most of your time with the customer instead of spending time picking up spare parts yourself. Our Solar Fastbox service will provide you with your materials within the hour

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Professional product training

In the heating and plumbing industry, it's important always to stay up-to-date on changing requirements and legislation. Solar School offers industry-specific courses providing you with the knowledge you need for an optimal performance

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Solar Webshop

During your busy weekdays as a plumber, it's important to be able to work efficiently and use the options that technology offers. Our e-business solutions contain Solar Webshop and our free app Solar Mobile that provides direct access to our entire heating and plumbing assortment in the web shop via your smartphone

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Some products and services are not available in all countries. Here you can see which countries support the heating and plumbing area:

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