Strengthen your competitiveness in the maritime industry

We have served the marine sector in Scandinavia for decades, and possess a considerable amount of know-how and industry insight within the marine segment.

We improve our customers' everyday lives and strengthen their competitiveness by offering a broad product range, technical expertise and good logistics solutions.

With challenging times and tough competition in the marine segment focus on cost reduction and efficient operation are crucial factors.

Our experience is that profitability is strengthened through a focus on low total costs, and that a comprehensive approach to product procurement increases competitiveness.

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Close Scandinavian cooperation

Solar has a Scandinavian approach to the marine segment. We interact across countries to provide you with the best and widest possible offer. This ensures quick access to resources and products for our customers.

If you would like to know more about our Scandinavian venture, you can contact
Vice President Sales Industry and Offshore, Tor Olsen
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Representing more than 1100 different marine suppliers

Our extensive supplier network ensures a broad and solid range. We represent both well-known brands, as well as niche suppliers related to the shipping industry and subcontractors in the marine industry.

We supply products in electrical, automation, pneumatics and tools. The range consists of typical maritime products such as ship cables, industrial cables, tools, protective equipment, lighting as well as precarious spare parts such as PLCs, sensors, controls and contractors that ensure high reliability.

Our distribution system and warehouse structure are adapted to the marine segment, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of products.

Technical advice

Solar has established its own dedicated centres of expertise for the marine industry in each of the Scandinavian countries.

Our consultants are happy to assist with technical questions related to products, systems and new solutions. Selection of new components and the replacement of existing products are just some of the areas the competence centre assists with.

Reliable, high quality supplies

We know how important it is that you get your deliveries on time, in the right place, and that the products are of high quality. Our wide range of logistics solutions ensures that we always find the best solution for you. With 97% reliability of delivery, Solar ensures that you get your goods when you need them, where you need them.


Your all-in-one shop at sea

Solar Webshop is a digital tool that adapts to your needs and allows you to work more efficiently. It is always available and updated.

Our user friendly webshop enables you to:
- Place orders, make offers to your customers and search for product  information.

Other benefits:
- Download product information and datasheets, create favourite lists and manage users.

It gives you:
- Minimum one year of order and invoice history, as well as access to thousands of products online.



Solar Mobile – easy access to spare parts

Our updated app shows the full range directly on your mobile. If something needs to be replaced or you are looking for spare parts, you can quickly and easily place an order and instruct delivery to the desired delivery point through the app.

Download it from
Google Play or the App Store.

Special cables for ships and marine applications

As one of Scandinavia’s leading cable suppliers, we have access to a wide range of cables. Our long-time experience in the marine segment ensures our customers a professional and timely assortment.

Solar cooperates with European cable manufacturers and we have a tradition of supplying cables to demanding environments. We customise hybrid cables to address specific needs and challenges where needed.

Our product department has taken into account the challenges and needs of the industry and our product range is based on expertise, experience and supplier network.








Financial challenges and tough competition

In a tough industry, it is important to run the business optimally, avoiding costly purchasing processes and unnecessary expenses. More and more players see the value of implementing smarter storage solutions, consolidating suppliers and tailoring logistics.

A survey conducted by Dansk Industri in 2018 revealed that costs are considered one of the biggest barriers to growth. A result that we believe applies to most businesses.

The purchasing department is an important contributor to the company's overall competitiveness, with opportunities to improve the bottom line and strengthen the profitability of the business.

Materials, rent and salaries are large costs that can be complex and challenging to take action on. As a result, it is desirable to find other and simpler but equally useful measures. We must find other measures that can strengthen the bottom line. This is where a Total Cost of Ownership approach can contribute to significant savings.

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What is TCO?

A TCO approach will ensure that you take all costs in connection with purchasing and consumption into consideration when taking steps to bring down total costs. This may involve e.g. streamlining of administrative processes, changes to the logistics setup and consolidation of suppliers with a view to ensuring sharp purchase prices on the most important products.


Benefits of TCO



Working capital

A TCO approach can free up resources, which would otherwise be tied up in inventory.




Better control can cut unnecessary consumption of materials.



Consistency of supply

Transparency will ensure that your sourcing partner can guarantee that you have the products when you need them.




Spend less time on ordering, invoicing and handling.

Logistics and services adapted to the maritime industry!

We always seek to optimise and improve our customers' logistics processes. Our range of services allows us to provide the perfect solution for your needs. We offer a full range of logistics solutions, rentals, inventory management, support, delivery, special handling, digital interaction, expertise etc.


Our services simplify your everyday life. Read more here!

Cross docking

Cross docking means that we combine your Solar products with shipments from other suppliers on the project so that you get one complete delivery. You save the environment for CO2 and unnecessary packaging.

Special labelling

Solar Special Labelling gives you the opportunity to label each individual product line and order according to your needs and specifications. Both items from our central warehouse and supply items can be specially labelled.


With Solar Kit, you get your delivery at the desired time and place, reduced handling of goods and reduced storage needs at the construction site.

24 hour delivery

The emergency phone is open outside normal business hours. On weekends and holidays, the emergency phone is operated 24/7.


VMI is an inventory management system which helps you gain control over your inventory and the availability of your own products. With VMI, we integrate a software with your company ERP system and/or your invoicing system.


Solar helps you go digital and offers to connect EDI to your own ERP system. With EDI, you achieve efficient data exchange, which adds data security and minimises the risk of manual mistakes.

Vending Machine

Vending machines are stock management tools that provide increased control, reduced consumption of goods, optimised operations and reduced risk of downtime.

Express delivery

Solar courier is offered to those who want fast delivery so you do not have to interrupt the work you have started. The service also includes air freight.

Some products, solutions, suppliers and services are not available in all countries. Here you can see which countries support the marine segment.