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Customised logistics solutions

In the wind industry, driving down costs of energy is what sets you apart from competitors. That's why we deliver customised logistics solutions to help you optimise your products and processes and reduce costs

Leading experts at your service

Whether you need to replace a single part or are looking for a complete new solution, we offer our knowledge on products, systems and regulations. Our many years of experience from the wind industry enable us to help you with any specific challenge you may face, allowing you to take on large and complex projects without having to add new specialised competences to your staff

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Optimise your supply chain

Our smart stocking solutions cover all services linked to controlling and handling of inventory. We'll deal with your inventory to any degree you prefer

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Case: Scanel International

Focusing on reliability of delivery has strengthened the competitiveness of Scanel. Choosing the right partner is key and this is where Solar steps in

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Some products and services are not available in all countries. Here you can see which countries support the wind segment