Growth is in our DNA

As a Solar employee, you’ll be in company with 3,000 can-do people who believe in the power of yes

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Optimising everything - including you

We want you to grow

It's just our way
We've worked with expansion, invention and entrepreneurship since 1919. Our success owes to employees who go above and beyond expectations to add value to our customers' businesses.

When you grow, we grow
This is why we offer a variety of training where we make you the most valuable. Feedback and mentoring in your day-to-day job add the finishing touches.

An international touch
Also, there are lots of opportunities for you to try your hand at cross-border projects and exchange knowledge with colleagues in other countries.

In short, if you’re serious about your career, we’d like to get serious about you.

We provide methods and tools to make all management levels understand their role and know exactly what is expected of them Britt Andersen, Director, group hr

Solar Business Academy

How we evolve our tribe

Smart Business

This is our secret to success: Always make the smart choice - in every link of our value chain. We employ only smart people and expect them to make smart choices. Solar Business Academy helps us stay smart and practice business acumen


We value ambition and enthusiasm and we’re probably as ambitious on your behalf as you are. Bluntly put, when you succeed, we succeed. So, we’ve established Solar Business Academy where all Solar employees can add to their skills

Course examples

We offer everything from Group Leadership Programme to Distance & Virtual Leadership. We focus on Sales training as well as E-learning within a variety of areas. No subject is left untouched

At Solar we are a diverse tribe

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