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Meet Hugo Dorph


Hugo Dorph

D for Dorph - and Digital


The common denominator for Hugo Dorph seems to have always been digital business. 20 years ago, a young sales rep from IBM visited Solar in Vejen to introduce management to a hip new phenomenon: the internet. Today, following an impressive career with IBM and Maconomy, both in Denmark and abroad, Hugo is Solar’s Chief Commercial Officer, part of our executive management and in the very lead of Solar’s digital development. The driving force behind Hugo’s relentless focus on digital development is simple: “We can make life easier for our customers and free up valuable time for them to do what they do best. And making our customers stronger is good business for Solar.”

Solar has always had a digital DNA and a strong focus on productivity. We were early bloomers in our trade when we introduced our web shop, and when we launched our mobile app as one of the first in the market, it was our way of making life easier for our customers.

Our customers’ productivity is also the main driver behind Solar’s recent investments in a number of digital start-ups. We believe that data-driven intelligent solutions are a growth area for our customers, and we see a strong link between technology and energy efficiency in our business. “With the transformation of Solar into a sourcing and services company, we don’t just lean back and accept our traditional place in the value chain. We want to continuously challenge ourselves and our trade with only one focus in mind: our customers. When we see that we can make them more productive, we go for it. That’s why we’re about so much more than ‘just’ selling products,” Hugo explains.

We invest in our customers’ productivity
Software company Minuba is a perfect example of how we can help our customers by backing a business that can make a huge difference to our customers: Minuba is a young start-up specialising in mobile job and resource management with a keen focus helping installers and craftsmen improve their business. “With Minuba, an installer has full insight into his business at all times. He can see where he makes money, make sure that he delivers quality work end ensure fast and accurate invoicing. It’s about so much more than just time sheets. It is really a management tool – and an extremely efficient one, too.

Digital DNA
Digital business must also be part of Hugo’s DNA. He joined Solar in 2014 as SVP Commercial and has since played an instrumental part in Solar’s transformation into a digital sourcing and services company. Before that, he spent 13 years at IBM, working within sales, software and e-business, in various international leadership positions, and he was already among the e-business pioneers in the mid-90s. In 2005, Hugo Dorph was appointed CEO of Maconomy, an international provider of ERP software. He led a significant turn-around of the company, ending with the delisting and successful sale to American Deltek in 2010. Hugo Dorph moved to the US and oversaw the successful integration of Maconomy into Deltek. He headed one of Deltek’s global divisions, until he and his family decided to return to Denmark.

Simply a great place to be
The great thing about working with Solar is the opportunity to drive change in a very large and quite traditional trade. I thrive on making a difference and seeing our business develop in a way that changes the game for us and our customers. And, if I might add, Solar is a great place to be. Solarians have a strong wish to be part of and contribute to our success. That creates a great atmosphere,” Hugo concludes.

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