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/globalassets/eu/career/tribe/signe-tronhus-tribe.jpg Manager, Digital channels team, Solar A/S Signe Tronhus

Signe Tronhus is a can-do woman


In her four years with Solar, she has gone from being project manager over working as demand manager to leading the digital channels team in Group IT.

Signe truly lives by Solar’s values SmartFun, Glow and Courage. Especially SmartFun appeals to her and is partly what first triggered her interest in Solar. Signe emphasises that people should be excited to come to work – and she does the best she can to encourage that.
"I once brought a water balloon canon to work to give my colleagues a fun break. It’s important to give even small recognitions, and even the small gains", Signe thinks.
In return, she expects that her employees take responsibility and offer true dedication to the team and the tasks they are working on.

Operational and tactical tasks
Group IT is currently juggling more than 30 different projects. The IT department that was previously spilt into two branches, which we’re now in the process of joining into one.
"Solar is an interesting workplace because it’s in constant change; we challenge ourselves all the time on whether we’re doing things the best possible way. Also, my workday is very dynamic - there are a lot of balls waiting to be caught", Signe believes.

In connection with the ongoing projects, Signe’s job is to prioritise and allocate resources, ensure alignment and assure that the resources have the needed capabilities for handling the projects at hand. In essence, Signe’s main priority is that her team is the best it can be. She also keeps track of the different processes and makes sure that the participants align and utilise each other.

Getting under the skin of our customers  
On top of managing the digital channels team, Signe is also part of the IT transformation team. This is an interesting task in the midst of joining the two IT branches into one and, thereby, changing the ways of working in IT.
"We’re implementing a new way of working and a new way of approaching tasks. This means that we have to adopt a new mind-set where we put ourselves in the place of the customer, try to understand their problems and think beyond the mere technical solution", Signe explains.

Solar’s main priorities right now are a strong customer focus and digitalisation. Our digital transformation will result in a much better and extensive overview of our customers’ behaviour and experiences with Solar. The customer needs to have the same experience no matter on what platform they meet Solar. Therefore we need to know them well.

Seeing the whole customer picture will give us better alignment and ensure that Solar is represented in a consistent way, regardless of when and where you meet us. The findings might even incline us to explore other markets and other types of customers.

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