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Working at Solar can be many things. Here you can read about some of the career paths our employees have taken.

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Bente Petersen, Engineer, Technical Industry Support

When technical supporter Bente Petersen entered technical college back in 1977 to become an electrician, she was anything but mainstream.

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Ulrik Damgaard, Regional Manager, heating & plumbing, Western Denmark

Being a manager and having contact with our customers is where I find my energy. It motivates me on several levels, as I enjoy closing big deals and being part of new strategies and, at the same time, I find it inspiring to visit installers and help them with the challenges they’re facing

Meet Ulrik
Jakob Andersen, PMO Manager

It was not on the cards that Jakob should become Project Management Office Manager at Solar when he graduated Business School back in 1988

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Carolien Poelman, HR Director, MAG45

Carolien Poelman is a mountaineer in more than one sense. She is passionate about climbing mountains and has conquered some of the highest peaks in Europe. That’s how she unwinds and regains perspective on life, when things build up.

Meet Carolien
Louise Bendix Hansen, Content Manager, Solar Danmark

As long as she can remember, Louise Bendix Hansen has been dedicated to telling stories. Not the fairy tale kind, but real life stories that add new dimensions to the way we see a person, a company or a situation

Meet Louise
Market Manager, Electrical Installation K-G Brattfors

K-G knows Solar like his own back pocket. Not only has he been with our Swedish subsidiary for 23 years, he has also been involved in many cross-border projects and worked at the group headquarters in Denmark for four years

Meet K-G
Sales Manager, Industry Lars Lange Andersen

In his 17 years with the company, Lars has steadily moved from the product organisation to sales, where he now heads one of the three Danish industry divisions

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Analyst Jamilla Tindhof Skytte

Jamilla has a potentially split personality when it comes to her professional life. The reason for this is that we have her working in two different departments in Solar

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Director, Stakeholder Relations Charlotte Risskov Kræfting

Charlotte is a strong advocate for communication as a strategic discipline and its worth as a tool when it comes to investor relations, management communication and change management

Meet Charlotte
Chief Commercial Officer Hugo Dorph

The common denominator for Hugo Dorph seems to have always been digital business. 20 years ago, a young sales rep from IBM visited Solar in Vejen to introduce management to a hip new phenomenon: the internet

Meet Hugo
Warehouse Manager Bent Frisk

Warehouse manager Bent Frisk is a can-do man with Solar blue blood. Playing major roles in Solar Danmark as central warehouse manager and staff-elected member of our Board of Directors

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Manager, Digital Channels team Signe Tronhus

In her four years with Solar, Signe has gone from being project manager over working as demand manager to leading the digital channels team in Group IT

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Student worker Lea Borring Meyer

Lea Borring Meyer is always up for career challenges, and not afraid to follow her gut feeling when it comes to making career moves

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