Moving to Solar: Meet Thiago and Amruta!

In Solar, we strongly believe that diversity in our work force - with a great variety in age, gender, culture and background - creates a better workplace, stronger teams and better results.

Uprooting your entire life and moving to another country is a big decision and a life-altering experience. Solar IT employees Thiago Tageshi Konno and Amruta Duduskar have done just that. While driven by different reasons - career move, wanderlust and a wish for a change of life - they have both embraced the chance of a job at Solar in Denmark.

But who are they? Read more about two of Solar’s new employees.


Wanderlust and healthy living

Thiago Tageshi Konno’s grandparents moved from Japan to Brazil where Thiago was born. He has a degree in communications and economics and strong training within SAP and has worked with Vistex, a SAP-related revenue management software, for 7 years. In Solar, he will be Vistex Solution Specialist in Solar IT in Vejen, Denmark.

What motivated you to move to another country?
“Already from a young age, my life has pointed towards going abroad. Since I was a teenager, I wanted to live and work in Europe, so I started working with SAP, seeing that it provides good possibilities for working abroad.

Initially, Japan and USA were my first choices, but after a holiday in Italy, I realised how interesting the cultures and history of Europe are. It’s a healthier lifestyle with great possibilities of travelling and seeing other countries.

Work life in Brazil is extremely hard and very stressful. You have to work long hours, and a lot of people are moving away from Brazil due to the hard working conditions and high living expenses. I was experiencing health problems because of this, so I had to do something to change my life, and luckily my wife supported my wish of moving to another country. I have two daughters from a previous marriage and didn’t want to leave them, but now that they are a bit older, the timing is better.”

How did you find the job – and why Solar?
”When I decided to start looking for a job abroad, I actually just googled ’Vistex’ and found the job at Solar. I applied and already the next day, I was contacted. From the day I started my job hunt to the day I had a new job with the prospect of moving abroad, it only took two months. I had applied for other jobs, but when I learned how friendly they were at Solar, it was an easy choice.”

What was your family’s reaction to you moving abroad?
“My mother has always said that I would move abroad at some point. She is of course sad that I have moved so far away, but is proud of me for the career opportunity and for pursuing my dream. And now she has a lot of time for her grandchildren who live nearby.”

What is your impression so far of Denmark?
“When I visited Italy, my experience with their attitude towards foreigners wasn’t so good. So I was a little hesitant before coming to Denmark and quite honestly prepared for the worst. But all my fears have been brought to shame. Everyone has been so friendly and kind and welcoming us here. It has been a wonderful experience. In Brazil, we only know Denmark for being voted the happiest country in the world. Coming here, I have found that Danes have a healthier way of living and that there is a better work/life balance. We don’t work the very long hours here, so now my wife and I have time for travelling which was one of our great desires. We have already been to Germany and UK.

The only bad thing about Denmark: the weather. It is cooler here and with more rain than I am used to in Brazil where the sun shines a lot, and it can be very hot.“

The three most strange things about Denmark?
“Eating chocolate on bread. You put thin slices of chocolate (Danish: pålægschokolade) on bread and eat that for breakfast.


Also, danes are very organised and very strict with rules. If there’s a red traffic light, you stand still and wait. Other countries, including Brazil, are not as law-abiding.

Even when it’s cold, you don’t wear a lot of clothes. And you go to the beach and bathe in the winter and say it’s healthy! That’s not for me - there’s a limit to how healthy I want to be…”

What are your plans for the future?
“I am very happy working here at Solar and would like to learn and develop new skills. On a personal level, I want to travel more and learn about other cultures. My wife and I would also like to have children here in Denmark at some point. It’s a good place for having kids and building a family.”

What is your advice to others that plan to move abroad?
“Learn English! And make a long-term plan. Think about your future possibilities, when you choose your education and prepare yourself through courses. Research on things and build a network.”

My home away from home

Amruta Duduskar has lived in Mumbai, India, since her childhood and has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. In Solar, she will be Solution Architect / Solution Specialist for the SAP Solution Manager (SOLMAN) in Solar IT in Vejen, Denmark. She has a lot of experience in implementing Solution Manager in existing business and IT processes, having worked at consulting company LTI.

Amruta photo.JPG

What motivated you to move to another country?
”Having worked as a consultant for many years, I had a big wish for working onsite at a company, focusing on their specific tasks. I have a good background and experience from working in consultancy, but I really wanted to have the possibility of working continuously with the same company and focus on their needs, so I knew that for my next career move, this had to be the main criteria, no matter the geographical location.”

How did you find the job – and why Solar?
”Looking for a permanent job and not wanting to work remotely as a consultant anymore, I started sending unsolicited job applications to various companies, without any luck. But then, looking at a job portal that also contained jobs abroad, I found the job advertisement from Solar. I have worked with Solar before as part of a project in 2019 and had a good impression of Solar and the cooperation with them, so choosing to apply for the job was an easy decision. Job interviews in India are almost purely of a technical nature, but in Europe and especially in Denmark they also look at the personality of the applicant, using tests to see if you are a good fit for the job and the organisation. That’s a really good idea.

Knowing Solar beforehand, I hoped to be able to quickly adapt and be comfortable. I have friends that work in other companies abroad and they have had a hard time adapting to the organisations. But Solar is a great company with a friendly organisation where it’s easy to feel at ease.”

What was your family’s reaction to you moving abroad?
“My family wasn’t happy that I was leaving. But they supported it when they could see that it was the right decision for me. My husband stayed in India for the first 2½ months, as he had to wait for his visa, but he has also moved here now and is looking for a job.”

What is your impression so far of Denmark?
“When I got the job, I was just super-excited, but as the day of the big move came closer, I got scared. I thought to myself: ‘What are people going to be like, and how am I going to cope by myself, being a woman alone there’. And getting on the plane, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. But it has been an amazing experience both personally and work-wise. Danish people are very friendly and open, and everyone I have met has been very helpful. My colleagues in IT has helped me to feel at home, and I really feel that this is my home away from home.”

The most strange thing about Denmark?
“The Danish sense of humour. People are seemingly talking rude to you, and on my first day here I thought that they were making fun of me. But I quickly learned that it was not personal – it’s just the Danish humour. In our team, when you ask a serious question, you get the answer in a funny way. People are straightforward and don’t beat around the bush, and when they joke with you, it’s because they care for you and like you.”

What are your plans for the future?
“For now, I am happy where I am. I have lots of interesting tasks, so I’ll stay where I am and see what happens. And my husband and I both have visas now, so we are planning to stay in Denmark for a long time.”

What is your advice to others that are moving abroad?
“If you are keen on going after your dreams and pursuing what you aim for, then just do it. It will be scary at first, but also thrilling. Dare to do it. Just grab the chance – if you don’t, someone else will.”