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Two new digital initiatives make Solar an active integrator within the Internet of Things

Press release January 5, 2017    ·    Solar A/S

With an investment in Viva Labs and an exclusive agreement with Panoramic Power, Solar makes the next important move within digital business development as part of our business transformation. We believe in data-driven intelligent solutions as a growth area for our customers and through networked development we co-create the future market.

Solar believes the Internet of Things will be a driver for technical installations and we see a strong link between technology and energy efficiency in our business. We want to play an active role as an integrator to develop the future market. Thus we are launching two new digital initiatives which are both based on open standards.

We have bought approx. 20% shares in the Norwegian company Viva Labs, which gives us access to a simple and intuitive smart home platform. The solution is all about control, convenience and comfort and with an easy to use app. The Viva smart home platform collects sensor and GPS data, then uses artificial intelligence to analyse the patterns and routines of the household. Based on this, the solution automatically programs itself, controlling heating, security, and lights without requiring user input.

- Home automation is the Internet of Things for home owners and we believe it is on the cusp of broad adoption. Topics such as automating the home, saving energy and improving security are all high on the agenda. We see an opportunity for Solar to play an integrating role, making sure all the different smart devices work well together and with the particulars of the markets we serve. Furthermore, we can combine this with our training activities in order to develop competences in this field, explains CCO Hugo Dorph.

- We gain a competent partner on home automation and a platform on which we can deliver powerful smart home solutions through channel partners, such as security, energy and telecommunications companies that are looking for ways to add more value to their customer relations. And we want to work with our suppliers to embrace open standards and the Viva solution, emphasises CCO Hugo Dorph.

App helps industrial companies improve business performance
Moreover, we have made an exclusive agreement with the Israeli-based company Panoramic Power - part of the global family of Centrica companies - to get access to a platform on which to build new business services, helping industrial customers gain savings and operational benefits from easily monitoring electrical equipment throughout their production facilities. Using Panoramic Power’s wireless sensor technology and the PowerRadar dashboard we have proven the value of the solution on a number of pilot installations, quickly identifying faulty electrical equipment and opportunities to optimise operations and save electricity.

- Measure, analyse and act. Panoramic Power is the Internet of Things for industrial companies. The idea is to improve operational excellence and business performance, while optimising your energy consumption at the same time. This unique solution allows a technician within just a few hours, and without any disruption to operations, to wirelessly connect and monitor all electrically powered equipment in an industrial facility. Panoramic Power sensors, cloud service and app provide immediate and on-going insight into the power usage and performance of the equipment to help spot anomalies and needs of maintenance or repair, says CCO Hugo Dorph.

- Panoramic Power enables service opportunities for Solar and our installation customers, while helping our industry customers reap very quick and tangible benefits without unnecessary equipment cost and the complexity and disruption to operations of traditional monitoring solutions. And we want to work closely with our suppliers to further develop the value of energy monitoring services to industry customers, leveraging the Panoramic Power solution, underlines CCO Hugo Dorph.

For more information, please contact: Hugo Dorph, Chief Commercial Officer, Solar – tel. +45 2872 0080.

Solar Group is a leading European sourcing and services company, operating primarily within the electrical, heating and plumbing, and ventilation technology sectors. Our core business centres on product sourcing, value-adding services and optimisation of our customers’ businesses.

Solar Group is headquartered in Denmark, generated revenue of approximately DKK 10.6bn in 2015 and has some 3,000 employees. Solar operates under the short designation SOLAR B and has been listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen since 1953.

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