Investing in Solar is first and foremost investing in the green transition. We provide best in class solutions to ensure sustainable and responsible use of resources.


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Of the shares is owned by the top 10 shareholders


Alexander Borreskov
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Solar's share

Solar’s share capital is divided into nominal value DKK 90 million A shares and nominal value DKK 646 million B shares. The A shares are not listed. The B shares are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen under the ID code DK0010274844, and are designated SOLAR B. They form part of the MidCap index and MidCap on Nasdaq Nordic. The share capital includes 900,000 A shares and 6,460,000 B shares. Solar’s portfolio of treasury shares totals 56,813 B shares or 0.8% of share capital. A shares have 10 votes per share amount of DKK 100, while B shares have 1 vote per share amount of DKK 100.

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Here, you'll find all the documents relating to Solar's Annual General Meeting, going back to 2013.

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Investing in Solar

We support our customers in developing energy-efficient solutions, reducing waste and optimising logistics based on strong digital platforms. We believe in productivity improvement, digitalisation and networked development.

Networked development implies that our own innovation and development, combined with other companies’ good ideas and their ability to quickly address market opportunities, can create more for less, and faster.

We passionately challenge to add value.

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Solar in general complies with the Committee on corporate Governance in Denmark’s recommendations concerning corporate governance and values openness and transparency. Our quarterly reports are prepared in compliance with IFRS

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We're active within a number of specific business areas where we can offer specialised services and professional support

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