Terms of use for Solar's mobile application

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before downloading and beginning to use Solar A/S’ application for iPhone and/or Android (hereinafter referred to as “Solar App”) provided by Solar A/S, CVR no. 15908416, Industrivej Vest 43, DK-6600 Vejen (hereinafter referred to as “SOLAR”).


Solar App may solely be used as a tool for the business enterprises that are already customers of SOLAR and/or of a SOLAR subsidiary.


By downloading Solar App, you approve and accept the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.


By downloading Solar App, you also guarantee that you will comply with applicable law in force at any time, including that you will in no way initiate the use of or make use of Solar App, or parts hereof, for unlawful purposes.


You are not authorised to make use of Solar App if you do not accept the following terms and conditions:


1. Ownership and intellectual property rights

Solar App and the ownership and intellectual property rights tied to Solar App, including but not limited to copyrights to software, text, layout, illustrations, images, databases, audio and video linked to or contained in Solar App as well as registered and unregistered trademark rights and distinguishing feature rights to names and logos, including but not limited to “SOLAR” (“Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights”), are owned by SOLAR.


SOLAR is at any time entitled to freely transfer, in whole or in part, the above Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights to a third party without notice and information being provided to you.


By registering for and/or making use of Solar App, you accept SOLAR’s Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights and declare that you will respect the Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights at any time – both while making use of Solar App and subsequently.



2. Licence

Through this agreement, SOLAR gives you limited rights to use the functions, information and Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights contained in Solar App at any time.


Access is limited to your own administration of your interaction with SOLAR and/or SOLAR subsidiaries, including placing of orders and searching for information about the SOLAR product(s).


You acknowledge and accept that this agreement does not give you the right to make use of SOLAR’s Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights in any other respects, and that any unauthorised use may result in claims for damages, remuneration and consideration being set up by SOLAR.


Thus, you expressly accept and acknowledge that you are in no way authorised to directly or indirectly, including but not limited to, send, transfer, sell, process, translate, modify or distribute, on your own website or the website of any third party and/or in mobile applications, Solar App, and/or parts hereof, including but not limited to software, product information, text, layout, illustrations, images, databases, audio and video without the prior written authorisation and consent of SOLAR.



3. Content

To the best of our ability, SOLAR will maintain and develop Solar App.


SOLAR will endeavour to make sure that the content is correct, updated and in accordance with Danish legislation in force at any time.


You accept that there may be changes, adjustments and/or additions to Solar App on a continuous basis and without prior notice.


SOLAR expressly disclaims any liability for the applicability of Solar App and/or any other service provided through the use of Solar App as well as for the use of Solar App and its functions without interruptions and errors, including those resulting from inaccuracy, state and suitability for specific purposes.


Thus, SOLAR is not liable for any loss of profit, income or any type of indirect damage or loss which may arise from or in connection with your use or non-use of Solar App.


4. Third party rights

SOLAR does in no way guarantee or warrant that your use of Solar App does not infringe third party rights, including but not limited to software rights.


Thus, SOLAR is in no manner obliged to indemnify you in case of you facing a third party claim as a consequence of your use of Solar App.



5. User information

Any information, disclosure or material which you may submit to SOLAR is and will be treated as non-confidential and not protected by copyright.


You give your express consent to SOLAR saving and storing information about you if such saving and storing is necessary for the transfer or communication through an electronic communication system or if it is absolutely necessary to enable SOLAR to provide the Solar App software.


SOLAR is bound by the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data at any time.



6. Conflict resolution

Any dispute arising from this agreement, these terms or the interpretation hereof which cannot be settled amicably shall be brought before a Danish court applying Danish legislation in force at any time with the exception of Danish private law rules if these would lead to the application of any other legislation than Danish legislation.


You explicitly agree that in the case of any discrepancy between the Danish and English versions of the Terms of Use of Solar A/S’ Mobile Application, the Danish version shall prevail.



Solar, March 2017