CDP facts and figures

Solar has been an active signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2009. This means that Solar has established a reporting system for activities covered by Global Compact's 10 principles. By signing up for Global Compact, Solar meets the reporting requirements of the Danish authorities applicable as of 2009.            

Due to that we hereby state the figures which are going to be reportet to UN Global Compact as of 30.06.2018:

Environment Unit 2017      
Total emissions of greenhouse gasses Tonnes CO2e 23,105      
... of which company cars account for (Scope 1) Tonnes CO2e 4,956      
Diesel cars * MWh 19,823      
Gasoline cars* MWh 1,361      
Ethanol cars * MWh 0      
... of which energy use accounts for (Scope 2) Tonnes CO2e 4,550      
Electricity * MWh 15,852      
Heat (district heating, heating oil and gas) MWh 11,405      
... of which transport of goods by lorries accounts for (Scope 3) Tonnes CO2e 13,599      
Per full-time employee (Scope 1 & 2) Tonnes CO2e 3.35      
Per € 1 million of revenue (Scope 1 & 2) Tonnes CO2e 6.48      

It is still a challenge to get the needed information from distributors because not all of them are able to take out these specific figures.

Due to restrictions concerning need for travel there have been less travel than other years but due to implementing common booking platform the figures for travelled air mileage is now more actual and accessable information.

The number of kilometres driven in company cars went down, especially in Norway and the Netherlands.

Some of the figures were estimated in previous years and they are now actual figures.

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