Powered by the sun

To Karsten Hillmann, CEO of Solar Polaris, sustainability is a take on life rather than a business discipline. One of the largest solar contractors in Scandinavia, Solar Polaris is a service company with a unique approach to promote solar energy to their mainly Scandinavian audience. With a major focus on solid project management, they plan, implement and service professional solar installation, driven by an ambition to accelerate the green transition for a greater good. “Solar power can play a major role in the creation of a sustainable and CO2 neutral society - also in Denmark where solar power complements wind power very well. And given the fact that it is also a money saver, there is really not much to consider,” says Karsten Hillmann.

CEO on a longboard
And he is indeed a man on a mission: “To me, integrity is everything. And I would be a fool to promote green solutions to our customers, while at the same time choosing a lifestyle that goes in the completely opposite direction. I am no saint, but I try to incorporate eco-friendly thinking into my life where it makes sense.” In practice, this means that seeing the CEO on his solar charged electric longboard in the streets of Copenhagen is not an unusual experience. As often as possible, he leaves his car behind to use public transportation when he is out of the office visiting customers, using his longboard for the last mile. “It is a quick, cheap and green way of going from A to B. It makes parking really easy, and then it doesn’t hurt that it’s a lot of fun, too.

Only when the wind blows
Behind Solar Polaris is a concern for the well-being of our society and an urge to guide our way of life onto a more sustainable path. And although the Danish company appreciates the general movement towards a greener society, they question the imbalance we’re creating in continuing to mainly back wind power: “In Denmark, we are only green when the wind blows. Don’t get me wrong: wind power is an amazing power source. However, we are missing a huge opportunity by not supporting both wind and solar energy,” says Karsten, who argues that the two sustainable energy sources supplement each other beautifully. And considering the aesthetics, solar cells are easily installed on flat roof tops where they make up an almost invisible power source.


Solar power is one of the cleanest and most natural energy sources that we have. And as if that wasn’t enough, it is one of the cheapest forms of sustainable energy to produce. Solar panels have a service life of more than 25 years and require a minimum effort when it comes to maintenance.

Solar promotes energy-efficient solutions
There is a huge potential in creating a more balanced sustainable energy production, and Solar Polaris is determined to open our eyes to the benefits of Solar power. In reality, it is all about the consumers. The Solar Group promotes energy-efficient solutions, and first and foremost, it is important to provide the consumers with options that enable them to make sustainable choices that are also financially responsible. And Solar Polaris is a perfect fit to the sourcing and services company that is Solar. “We’re a service company. We cannot sell products without the services to make them run as efficiently as possible. That’s what we focus on and are really good at. We not only make it work – we make it work well.