Reducing CO2 is a global issue

Measures have been taken to promote environmental responsibility throughout the Solar Group. By establishing a new  reporting  system and setting specific goals, Solar now has the possibility to improve our way of measuring and set goals for reducing our co2 emission in Solar Group

The world faces environmental challenges in the climate area. With businesses, including Solar, relying on natural resources for multiple reasons, new corporate efforts are needed to address environmental responsibilities.

As a result, we in Solar actively prepare for a more sustainable future, and focus on becoming part of the solution instead of only part of the problem. Therefore we keep a constant focus on reducing our co2 emissions.

Since 2010, Solar has reported our emission to the Carbon Disclosure Project. Therefore, Solar has established a standardised reporting system for our CO2 emissions.

A clear agenda is necessary

In the beginning of 2016, we implemented a new strategy for carbon disclosure in all our subsidiaries in order to reach specific goals. The strategy dictates that 1) all company cars must be diesel driven, electrical or hybrid and with room for minimum 4 persons, 2) all trucks live up to European emission standards when agreements with transportation companies have been made, 3) to set focus on our use of water, set up conditions for car wash and replace existing toilets with water saving ones, and 4) eventually make recycling and separation of waste part of our goals.

“The strategy for our future goals to reduce our co2 emission is finished. Now we have a job to do in  implementing the improvements. By working together throughout the Solar Group we are stronger together, and we can reach our goals,” says Charlotte Bejerholm, responsible for the Carbon Disclosure Project in Solar Group.

The four areas mentioned above are carefully selected to support Solar’s business model.

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