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SOS Children's Villages

Improving conditions together

Solar has joined forces with SOS Children’s Villages on a project that ensures a more sustainable energy supply for the Children’s Village called Stone Town on Zanzibar. A part of this partnership was the installation of a solar power station in the village that houses 92 orphans.

Better conditions
The CO2 emission and electricity costs were greatly reduced when the solar power facility was established together with some additional energy improving initiatives. The project on Zanzibar was the beginning of a long term CSR partnership with SOS Children’s Villages.

“We really like the idea of how our know-how on energy efficient solutions can be used to fight climate changes and improve everyday conditions for families in third world countries at the same time” says Mette Brix, Project manager at Solar.

On this page, you can read all the articles related to our cooperation with SOS Children's Villages and Engineers without Borders.


Donating systems and man power is one thing. But even more importantly, we will be donating our know-how to ensure that our expertise stays in the village, also after the project ends Jacob Mortensen, Energy & Climate

Education equals a future

Back in 2018, we started an SOS Youth Project in cooperation with SOS Childrens Villages, which has provided 28 young people in Ethiopia with three-year-long scholarships. The scholarship covers their expenses for rent, food, miscellaneous, transport to and from the school, medicine as well as all of their books and educational materials. Meet two of the young people here.

Meet Mudaye Studying Hotel and Tourism

"Getting the opportunity to get an education is a matter of life and death to me", says Mudaye, who was forced to sell coffee on the streets to survive

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Meet Muluken Dreams about a repair shop

Muluken is very grateful that he can be part of the Solar project. Now, he can get an education as a mechanic. He dreams about opening his own garage on day.

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Zanzibar Green energy for the children

In cooperation with Engineers without Borders, Solar has donated and set up a solar panel system in a SOS Children's Village in Zanzibar.

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Ethiopia Three years of energy renovation

In 2017, Solar Group started implementing solar power in an SOS Children's Village in Hawassa. The project should improve the children's learning opportunities by providing a cheaper and more stable energy source.

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Ethiopia Solar panels in action

After ten years without lighting, the SOS children’s village in Hawassa in Ethiopia is now self-sufficient in power and lighting.

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SOS Children’s Villages

Not only does the work of SOS Children’s Villages improve the future of each individual child, but it also generates continuing social and economic development in the plus 130 countries where they work in accordance with the UN Global Compact and the 17 global goals for sustainable development.

Each day, SOS Children’s Villages provide 80,000 vulnerable children with a safe upbringing and a loving childhood, filled with parental care, education, medical aid and medicine under the roofs of their youth homes.

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Installing solar panels in Zanzibar

In this video, you see how the solar panels were installed and how the Children's Village celebrated the donation. The savings that come from a reduced electricity bill will go directly to helping even more vulnerable children.

The video is partly in Danish.