Muluken dreams about opening his own auto repair shop

Muluken is 18 years old and comes from the city Kebado, where he grew up in a poor family. He was the oldest of five siblings. His parents are farmers and have never had the money to pay for their kids’ education. Therefore, Muluken is very grateful that he can be part of the Solar project. Now, he can get an education as a mechanic. 

”If me and these other young people hadn’t got this opportunity, our life fate would have been quite different. The project really affects our lives in a positive way”, says Muluken.

Muluken especially enjoys the classes that teaches him about machines and tools. He dreams about opening his own auto repair shop back in his hometown Kebado, one day. He figures that some decent money can be made in that area. But first, he has to finish school. After that, he hopes to get a job with a popular mechanic, so that he can get some experience and save up some money to open his own place.

The school where Muluken studies to become a mechanic, is 10 kilometers from Muluken’s hometown and during the week, he doesn’t have time to travel back and forth. Therefore, some of the financial support that Muluken receives from the SOS Youth Project, he spends on renting a house near his school.

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