Our strategic sourcing and services approach

• Solar is a leading European sourcing and services company mainly within electrical, heating and plumbing as well as ventilation, climate and energy solutions.

• Our strategy is to deliver the right products at the right price in a way which makes our customers more productive.

• We serve installation customers on both smaller maintenance and repair jobs and on larger renovation and construction projects as well as industry customers on maintaining their production facilities.

• Digital is in our DNA, and we have led our industry in terms of digital catalogues, e-business and digitalisation for decades.

• Our objective is to drive best in class organic growth and earnings, through a relentless focus on customer productivity and satisfaction combined with strong operational excellence.

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Financial targets

Financial ratios  Financial targets1
Growth Core business   We aim to generate profitable growth above market levels
Growth Related business   Organic growth of minimum 15% per year
EBITA Core business   Minimum 4% by 2020, corresponding to a ROIC of minimum 15% after tax
Equity ratio   35-40%
Gearing (NIBD/EBITDA)   1.5-2.5
Payout ratio   35-45%

1. If the implementation of new accounting standards entails changes, the target will be recalculated.

The story of Solar

Growth has been at the core of our strategy since our very foundation in 1919. Learn more about our journey here

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