Our strategy until 2026 is named Solve


We are here to solve challenges

Our Solve strategy aims to further strengthen Solar’s position as a leading sourcing and services partner providing comprehensive solutions that advance the green transition.

With Solve, it is our ambition to create additional value at an earlier stage of our customers’ decision-making process.

Strategic focus areas

Climate & Energy

We maximise the growth potential in climate and energy solutions, such as heat pumps, solar panels, EV charging and ventilation. The newly established Solar Industrial Solutions offers combined solutions for both existing and new industry customers based on our product technology and know-how.

Concept Strength

Our concepts will drive overall profitability and enhance our position in the value chain. We aim to further develop value adding concept assortments powered by logistical services and specialist competences to increase the ease and effectiveness of our customers’ daily operations.

Solution Sales

We create new opportunities in selected areas by leading with solution selling, specialist competence and a 360-degree view on the future needs of our customers’ business. We aim to increase the share of wallet with existing customers and open new doors to new customer groups.