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Our strategy until 2023 is named Core+

At our core, we are a sourcing & services company. At the same time we capture two powerful trends in our markets: Digital and green. That is our +


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Digital Together

Solar is a digital business. We have the highest digital order share. We have successfully upgraded both our webshop and our warehouse management systems. Everyone has improved their digital skills – and with Covid-19, we have learned to work together digitally in new ways. Our digital mindset is a clear strength in helping our customers to be more productive. Not least in the years to come.

Green Together

We have worked with sustainability for many years, and we want to make a big effort in running a responsible and sustainable business – reducing waste and saving energy. At the same time, our customers are increasingly involved in green projects: installing new climate & energy solutions like heat pumps, EV chargers and Solar panels. Green is a big business opportunity for Solar.

Our four focuses

Core+ builds on our solid progress in recent years, with stronger execution of better business. We focus on 4 strategic ‘growth and profit drivers’ – Industry, Trade, Climate & Energy and Concepts.


We know the Industry segment. We have long served selected sub-segments with an industry-deep approach. Industry customers appreciate the breadth and depth of our product assortment, our strategic guidance as well as our digital integrated services. All of which leads to long-term contract relationships. These are strategic partnerships based on our joined ability to create continued improvements and productivity gains.


Our concepts embody our deepest insights into customer needs within Installation, Industry and Trade. Every segment, in which we want to play a significant role, is supported by a Solar concept. In its essence, concepts power our sourcing as well as supporting the service-led sales of products from our strategic suppliers.

Climate and energy

Solar is already well established in the sale of green products and sustainable solutions, and aims to grow substantially in the coming years. This goes especially for the fields of heat pumps, EV charging, photovoltaic and energy storage, as well as helping to educate the installers of tomorrow at the Solar School.


A large and growing customer segment, including DIY stores and e-tailers, no longer entirely source their materials from installers or from traditional wholesalers. With our digital business model, broad and specialised assortments, particularly within energy efficiency and sustainability, we can attract these customers through a proactive sales approach.

Cases from Quarterly Report Q2 2022

Warehouse expansion

Solar phases out gas and installs heat pumps

At Solar’s warehouse facilities in Vejen, the installation of three large heat pumps has been finalised. They supply heat to the warehouse as well as the new AutoStore operation.
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Energy savings

Energy checks offer potential savings of more than 10,000kWh per year

In a partnership between Solar and Grundfos, annual energy savings of more than 10,000 kWh and 2 tonnes of CO2 were identified at Vejen sports centre. This can be achieved simply by replacing circulation pumps with more energy-efficient models.
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Case from Q1 2022: Competent advice and fast assistance

For Schrøder A/S, fast and flexible assistance is paramount when it comes to installations. With Solar as their resource, they are assured of the advice and calculations they need.

When Schrøder A/S was contacted by a bed & breakfast customer about an old pellet boiler stove, it was immediately evident that an upgrade was required. The stove was old, too big for its purpose and difficult to maintain. By switching to a heat pump, the bed & breakfast would be assured of a more modern and future-proof solution.

Schrøder, therefore, contacted Solar to help them select the best solution.

Cases from Annual Report 2021

Concepts - Solar Light

Perfect lighting on the padel court

Solar has been involved in supplying the lighting to a number of padel centres in Sweden. The most recent is Gislövs IF following the association’s decision to turn the former gymnastics hall into an indoor training centre and padel court.
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Solar School

The demand for heat pumps sends electricians on courses

The green transition is increasing the demand for heat pumps from private consumers as well as companies. This means higher standards for electricians and their training.
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Industry - Solar Services

Vending machines support a more efficient working day

Danish Crown Foods' Maintenance Department in Vejle has leased vending machines through Solar. With a special access key, employees can retrieve various items, which saves time, reduces costs, and makes the working day more efficient.
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Dutch company makes its mark thanks to Solar's products

Gijsberts BV has been working with Solar for more than 25 years because of our fast delivery, availability and unique own label products, which enable them to stand out from their competitors.
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