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Solar's logistics services streamline electricity distribution networks


Many electricity distribution companies have merged into major entities that cover extensive geographical areas. Their traditional business structure with their own installers and warehouses can be made more efficient by collaborating with a strong logistics partner like Solar.

Electricity distribution companies are responsible for the electricity network and, via their service companies, for the operation of the network and the design of new electricity installations. Instead of using their own installers and stock, and purchasing directly from manufacturers, more companies have begun to outsource their installation work to external contractors.

By collaborating with a strong logistics partner like Solar, installers can purchase the necessary products on behalf of the electricity distribution companies for both new installations and daily operations. All products can be delivered directly to the project site.

Well-functioning web shop and efficient workflows
On behalf of the electricity distribution companies, Cerius and Radius, Nexel is responsible for expanding, monitoring, operating and maintaining the electricity network on Zealand and the islands.

Nexel uses external contractors, who order materials from Solar’s web shop on a daily basis. Contractors can only buy products from the web shop’s predefined ranges on behalf of the distribution company. However, they can opt for combined delivery and specify a delivery address. If ordered before 6 pm, items are delivered to the warehouse or directly to the site before 7 am the following day.

Solar takes care of the logistics so that Nexel and its contractors can focus on their core services.

Steen Hansen, who heads up Partnerships and Materials, Electricity Systems for Nexel says:
"We’re highly satisfied with Solar’s web shop. We appreciate the flexibility, which means that we can decide ourselves whether deliveries should be made to stores or directly to the project site.

Should we lack a particular item for a project, Solar Fastbox is a good solution for sourcing several items within 1-2 hours. Our contractors appreciate the service making the whole workflow easy and smooth.

We enjoy a good ongoing dialogue with Solar about the status of their web shop to ensure that the necessary items are in stock or that an alternative can be sourced. Previously, it was the responsibility of one of Nexel’s project managers to reserve items at the main warehouse. Now, this can be done by the contractors.

This means that Nexel saves a great deal of stock handling and that some goods no longer need to be collected from the warehouse. Contractors can therefore be sure that the necessary – and correct - items will arrive on time as they are now part of the process."

This case is from our Q3 2022 quarterly report: Read it here

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About Andel A.M.B.A., Denmark

Andel A.m.b.a. is one of Denmark’s leading energy and fibre network groups.

The Andel group owns a number of companies, including the electricity distribution companies, Cerius and Radius, which supply Zealand and the islands with electricity. Nexel is the service company that operates, maintains, plans and installs the electricity network – from cable cabinets, cables in the road to transformer stations.