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Success with digital implementation of new warehouse system across Solar

Continuous improvements are an integrated way of working In Solar. The value of this approach became evident when we implemented a new warehouse management system across Solar. And when the global pandemic and the lockdowns challenged the last three roll-outs, we were able to continue the project digitally – and with great success!

After 28 years of service, our old warehouse management system was becoming outdated, and we needed to find an alternative. At the same time, we wanted to streamline our warehouses and future-proof our ability to deliver. The implementation involved a total of six roll-outs.

- For each of the roll-outs we brought experiences and leanings with us from the previous one, making the next roll-out smoother and faster. When COVID-19 hit, we were able do the last three roll-outs digitally and thereby stick to the schedule, says Vice President in Solar’s Group IT, Henrik Thystrup.

Taking full advantage of our digital tools
The fully digital roll-outs proved to have many benefits. Not only did we save some resources on travelling and accommodation, but we were able to utilise the expertise of more colleagues because everyone could be available online.

- By using all the digital tools in our toolbox and with great support from colleagues with valuable experience from previous roll-outs, our efforts were successful. It was actually a big eye-opener that it was even possible to do it like that, says Henrik Thystrup.

One tool was a video conference setup, which ensured continuous dialogue between the local teams and IT.

A common system fosters efficiency 
Before implementing SAP eWM, our warehouses were managed in two different systems.

- Having the same system makes us more flexible and makes it a lot easier for us to optimise and maintain the system across Solar. This will give us a competitive advantage and prepare us for the future, Henrik Thystrup explains.

Our strategy includes a clear ambition to have efficient and data-driven business operations, personalised and productive channels and challenge the status quo. This successfully completed implementation takes us a big step closer to achieving that goal.

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