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Solar phases out gas and installs heat pumps


At Solar’s warehouse facilities in Vejen, the installation of three large heat pumps has been finalised. They supply heat to the warehouse as well as the new AutoStore operation.

Green energy saving solutions are an integral part of our investment in the expansion of the warehouse in Vejen, which is why gas boilers have been replaced with new energy-saving air source heat pumps.

"For Solar, rising gas prices are yet another incentive to switch to heat pumps, and with the prospect of rising CO₂ levies, the situation has gone from being a green initiative to also being one which is cost-effective and profitable,” says Dennis Jeppesen, Sales Director, Climate and Energy at Solar Danmark.

Attractive payback time
With the new heat pumps, we expect our annual savings in energy consumption to be approximately 1,373,000 kWh, which corresponds to the annual energy consumption of around 275 homes. At current prices, we expect to achieve savings of around DKK 2 million per year.

"With a total investment of DKK 6.2 million in the new air source heat pumps and energy subsidies from the government, we expect a payback period of approximately 3 years. We’re switching to a green and sustainable solution, which is also a very attractive investment for Solar,” explains Dennis Jeppesen.

Reduces CO₂ emissions
A gas boiler produces an average of 1 kWh of heat per 1 kWh of input energy whereas a heat pump produces approximately 3.5 times as much heat per 1 kWh of input energy. By switching to a heat pump, therefore, emissions are reduced accordingly.

Simple installation
Our new air source heat pump system, which replaces the two gas boilers, consists of three heat pumps.

The heat pumps are located on the roof of the warehouse in a cascade system to enable optimum control. Photovoltaics on the roof mean that we are self-sufficient in energy and can run the heat pumps with green energy.

This case is from our Q2 2022 Quarterly Report. Read it here.

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Green energy solutions are appropriate for all industrial companies: the combination of photovoltaics and heat pumps is efficient while also significantly reducing CO₂ emissions.