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Large technical company outsources stock to Solar

The Danish technical company, Kemp & Lauritzen, is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the electricity grid in Konstant Net's supply area, which covers large parts of Eastern Jutland.

It requires heavy and specialised products such as supply cables and transformers. To save time and resources, the company has outsourced part of their stock to Solar.

The consequences may be severe when a transformer fails and leaves many households without power. This is why quick access to spare parts and new transformers is essential. However, not all suppliers carry heavy transformers, which weigh several tonnes, in stock.

Kemp & Lauritzen, therefore, has entered into collaboration with Solar, which includes inventory management and fast availability.

"Solar ensures that the required products are always in stock. We manage Kemp & Lauritzen’s warehouse, which means that they don’t have to invest in the required space and staff themselves. We also provide the company with a complete overview via our web shop, which allows them to see what is available and when it can be delivered," explains Otto Axelsen, Sales Manager for Infrastructure at Solar.

All technicians and fitters can order directly from the web shop and have the products delivered to the work site.

"This is an easy solution for us because all the items we need are available, usually with a short delivery time. We save both time and costs because there is no need for storage space or for us to contract with carriers. Another advantage is that the goods are delivered directly to the work site instead of a warehouse," says Thomas Wiborg Kortsen, Department Manager, Kemp & Lauritzen.

Kemp & Lauritzen has been contracted by Konstant Net A/S, which is part of the NRGi Group. They ensure that the electricity grid remains operational – from northern Vejle to Djursland. Their responsibilities include ongoing maintenance, new supply facilities and troubleshooting. The latter requires fast delivery.

"When customers experience a power outage, speed is of the essence and it is imperative that the warehouse is open around the clock. This means the fitter can get set up while the order is on its way. The time saved by not having to pick up the necessary items is considerable. When the products arrive, we are much further ahead with the job and this makes for a highly efficient way of working," explains Thomas Wiborg Kortsen.

About Kemp & Lauritzen
Kemp & Lauritzen is a Danish technical company mainly within electrical, plumbing, ventilation and cooling. They offer a wide range of technical solutions for one-off projects to large-scale technical enterprises. Kemp & Lauritzen has been providing companies and private customers with technical expertise for more than 135 years.


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