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Odfjell Drilling: Digitising the supply chain

Our ERP system will be integrated with Solar’s web shop, which will make it easier for the purchasing department. We can reduce transaction costs and increase efficiency.

Odfjell Driling, Norway

Odfjell Drilling is a leading international drilling and engineering company. Through close to five decades in the industry, Odfjell Drilling has established its position as a world-class drilling operator in some of the most challenging natural environments on earth. The company is based in Norway with operations across the globe.

The Norwegian company Odfjell Drilling needs a supplier and business partner that offers a digital mindset, an innovative approach and substantial knowledge of their business. That is why they have chosen Solar.

For the past 10 years, Odfjell Drilling has emailed their daily orders to Solar. As a result of a new digital collaboration, however, the drilling company can now draw on the benefits of Solar’s web shop.

"Our ERP system will be integrated with Solar’s web shop, which will make it easier for the purchasing department. We can reduce transaction costs and increase efficiency," explains Johnny Kristensen, Advisor GBS-SCM, Odfjell Drilling.

During on- and offshore projects, time of delivery is crucial. Because of tight deadlines, it can be expensive and time-consuming when goods are delayed. Engineers might only be available for a certain time and if the goods fail to arrive on time, an alternative timetable has to be put in place. In future, however, delivery time and inventory will be available in a digital format.

Solar was invited to also deliver onshore project support services. These include a dedicated project support team and a digitised consignment stock solution during larger projects and Special Periodic Surveys (rig projects required by the classification societies).

"It is also important for us to be able to access product information and certificates at all times – especially when we are handling dangerous items. The new digital solution means that these will always be readily accessible," explains Johnny Kristensen, who regards Solar as an innovative and digital business partner with modern solutions.

Improved logistics
Odfjell Drilling is also investing in innovative digital solutions that support transparent, lean and cost-efficient supply chain processes. The preferred suppliers are invited to participate in the development of a new solution with the objective to reduce time and costs throughout the process from purchase order until goods receipt. Currently, Solar is one out of a few companies invited to a deliver a proof of concept.

“We are certain that this will become our new and cost-efficient way of supporting our offshore operations,” says Johnny Kristensen.

"Our digital solutions provide Odfjell Drilling with a better overview. Constant access to their own complete catalogue, prices and relevant documentation boosts efficiency and results in financial savings,” says Egil Finshus, Sales Manager, Offshore and Marine, Solar.




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