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For Schrøder A/S, fast and flexible assistance is paramount when it comes to installations. With Solar as their resource, they are assured of the advice and calculations they need.

When Schrøder A/S was contacted by a bed & breakfast customer about an old pellet boiler stove, it was immediately evident that an upgrade was required. The stove was old, too big for its purpose and difficult to maintain. By switching to a heat pump, the bed & breakfast would be assured of a more modern and future-proof solution.

Schrøder, therefore, contacted Solar to help them select the best solution.

”In a case like this, it’s important for us to call on fast and competent support,” says Allan Stokbæk, Chief Engineer at Schrøder A/S, with responsibility for the design and installation of the heat pump. Solar and Panasonic, the supplier of the heat pump, visited the customer to check out the conditions and advise on the best solution. Based on Schrøder’s findings, Solar prepared the necessary heat calculations and technical drawings. ”It was a complex installation,” explains Allan Stokbæk. ”Partly because the heat requirements were substantial which meant that a single standard heat pump would be insufficient, and partly because the hot water tank was located at the other end of the building because of lack of space.”

Solar’s solution was to install two air/water heat pumps in a cascade solution, where one heat pump is activated at a time to minimise wear and tear. A buffer and an additional hot water tank were also installed to ensure a continuous supply of hot water. Due to the special layout of the system, an ordinary hot water tank would risk the heat being flushed out and the electric heating in the tank would heat up the return pipe in the heating system. The problem was overcome by choosing a hot water tank with a heating element at the top. As well as ensuring the correct capacity in the heat pumps, Solar also successfully addressed the special conditions pertaining to the hot water supply.

”As we run a very busy business, we really value Solar’s competent advice and fast assistance with the calculations. Their flexibility in finding the best solution is also a great asset,” says Allan Stokbæk.

Schrøder has since checked with the customer and the system is running smoothly. The customer no longer has the hassle of filling and cleaning the pellet boiler stove – and savings are even expected at the end of the year.

This case is from our Q1 2022 Quarterly Report. Read it here.

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Schrøder A/S, Holsted, Denmark

Schrøder is a Danish electrical installation company based in Holsted, Vejrup and Vamdrup. The firm has 60 employees and services commercial, industrial, agricultural and domestic customers.