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The demand for heat pumps sends electricians on courses


The green transition is increasing the demand for heat pumps from private consumers as well as companies. This means higher standards for electricians and their training.

That is why Svend Erik Møller and his employees attend KMO* training from Solar School.

The seats at Solar School are filled when it comes to courses and training in KMO and heat pumps. Electricians and fitters gain better knowledge of the required installation and service of different types of heat pumps. One of the students is Svend Erik Møller from A.T. Møller A/S in Denmark.

"We have put three employees through KMO training at Solar School because we have noticed a demand for heat pumps from both private individuals and industry. It is important for us to be able to install and service all types of heat pumps and that our customers know us for quality,” says Svend Erik Møller.

The training has also given him new insight into the area.

"This is one of the best courses I have taken because I learned a great deal from a highly professional instructor.”

Working with heat pumps requires knowledge

Increasing political focus on the environment, the green transition and grants have given a further boost to energy renovations. In regards to heat pumps, fitters have to be KMO certified in order to install and service heat pumps and systems. Solar School is therefore seeing a growing demand for this type of training. In 2021, eight KMO courses were held in Denmark and 102 participants attended the courses.

Jacob Mortensen is the course instructor and recognises the tendency. Oil and gas boilers are due to be replaced, and therefore, there is a need for fitters who can install and service the new heat pump systems.

"KMO is not a compulsory part of a plumber’s or electrician’s basic training. But working with heat pumps requires knowledge and training because refrigerants can be dangerous to people and the environment. That is why I think Solar School makes a difference for fitters of the future, the environment, and in terms of instilling confidence in our end users,” says  Jacob Mortensen.

Solar’s ambition is that before 2023, 2,000 participants will have attended courses in renewable energy solutions at Solar School. Solar School offers courses in photovoltaics, charging points, heat pumps and ventilation.

* Kølebranchens Miljøordning (KMO) is a provider of certifications to refrigeration technicians under the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food.


This case is from our Annual Report 2021. Read it here.

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