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Energy checks offer potential savings of more than 10,000 kWh per year


In a partnership between Solar and Grundfos, annual energy savings of more than 10,000 kWh and 2 tonnes of CO2 were identified at Vejen sports centre. This can be achieved simply by replacing circulation pumps with more energy-efficient models.

"Rising energy prices mean that energy-saving initiatives are very much to the fore and this includes sports centre facilities,” says Solar’s Claus Hartmann Enemark Nielsen, who has market responsibility for Infrastructure & Trade, Heating & Sanitation. "Energy consumption for water accounts for a substantial part of the centre’s fixed costs. Local councils have committed to reducing their carbon footprint and to make leisure facilities more sustainable.”

Circulation pumps are an often-overlooked area, but the savings are easily achievable. The pumps are hidden away in basements and technical rooms, and play a vital part in the management and distribution of water. An inefficient circulation pump can have a major impact on the overall energy bill and on operational reliability.

By focusing on energy optimisation and replacing the old pumps, greater efficiency, higher operational reliability, less water consumption and financial savings can be achieved.

Solar’s partner, Grundfos, produces pumping solutions for building and construction, water supply, wastewater and industrial use. Together, the two companies visited the 30,000 m2 Vejen sports centre to carry out an energy check. An energy check means that the detailed results can be used to address customer requirements.

Rising energy prices mean that energy-saving initiatives are very much to the fore. And this includes sports centre facilities.

At Vejen sports centre, the energy check resulted in potential annual energy savings of more than 10,000 kWh and 2 tonnes CO2 provided that the pumps were replaced with more energy-efficient models.

"Replacing circulation pumps can account for an important part of the energy-saving initiatives that a sports centre can implement, but there are many other parts of the operation that can benefit from such monitoring,” says Claus Hartmann Enemark Nielsen.

Solar adapts its products and services to customers’ various requirements. We help to form an overview of the potential savings and can provide suggestions for how energy consumption can be reduced. We have the insight and can advise on innovative measures. There are many opportunities for optimising energy consumption, and by making procurement more insightful, businesses can be made more efficient, with savings made on time and money.

This case is from our Q2 2022 Quarterly Report. Read it here.

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Vejen sports centre, Denmark

At 30,000 m2, Vejen sports centre is one of Denmark’s largest gyms and together with it's affiliates, it caters for approx. 800,000 visitors per year.