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Warehouse Vejen expansion with a green mindset

A major expansion and optimisation of the warehouse at Solar’s head office in Vejen is underway, applying a broad portfolio of our Climate & Energy products.

Solar’s warehouse expansion in Vejen is beginning to take shape. DKK 250 million has been earmarked for the expansion, automatisation, and improvement of the warehouse at the head office. Some 11,000 sq.m. will be added, and the new halls will comprise a semi-automatic picking system - all with a strict focus on reducing energy consumption.

The expansion project will also include a high-bay warehouse for pallet handling and a building for an AutoStore robot-controlled picking system to handle 108,000 boxes. The system is more energy-efficient than the previous systems and will mean a significant reduction in electricity consumption. AutoStore has already been installed at Solar’s warehouse in Norway and the Netherlands with great success.

"A substantial part of our electricity consumption will be covered by solar cells on the roof,” says Lars Goth, Senior Vice-President at Solar. “Additional charging stations for electric cars will be installed in the car parks and we’re replacing natural gas with heat pumps to supply the heating.” 

Solar is also collaborating with Vejen municipality to create biodiversity on the land around the buildings. The result will be untouched nature, wild flowers and space for animals.

Digital improvements for customers
The building project is part of Solar’s digital journey whereby customers will be able to access products faster and easier. More than 80% of orders from Danish customers arrive via the webshop – more than 60% at group level.

"The increased capacity and the recent roll-out of the SAP eWM warehouse management system in all Solar’s warehouses will ensure that Solar can continue to increase its product range and provide high quality deliveries. It will also provide the opportunity to develop more standard logistics solutions which will increase our customers’ productivity and can be ordered digitally,” says Lars Goth.

The new warehouse in Vejen is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022.

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Warehouse Vejen, Denmark

The warehouse expansion includes 11,000 sq.m., an AutoStore solution with 125 robots and solar panels that will provide the majority of energy used. Furthermore, we collaborate with Vejen municipality to create biodiversity on our surrounding land.