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A word from our CEO

Hear our CEO Jens Andersen explain what sustainability means to Solar and how we work to accomplish our goals.


We have raised our ambitions

In line with the Paris Agreement of 1.5 C˚, we have already set our target to become Net-Zero in our own operations by 2030. Moreover, we are committed to reducing our CO₂e emissions by 25% across the value chain by 2030, compared to 2020. We are currently awaiting validation of our targets by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

This commitment and everything it entails, has become an integral part of our daily business.

Several initiatives have been implemented to reduce emissions from our own operations. We have phased out most of our gas for heating and installed heat pumps and solar panels. Furthermore, we have installed EV chargers at our own locations, and we have continued the project of upgrading our lighting with LED and sensors. 84% of our electricity now comes from renewable sources.

These are all areas where we supply our products, services and know-how to our customers, supporting them in their green transition. We encourage them to promote the best solutions, such as phasing out fossil fuels as an energy source in order to reduce the carbon footprint of a building. Replacing a gas or oil boiler with a heat pump can make a significant impact.

The growing demand for climate and energy solutions as well as product documentation motivates us to improve our skills and become the experts that our customers need. Our latest product portfolio, Solar Zero, enables our customers to quickly find and select energy-efficient products that come with product documentation.

We lead with transparency
Our customers and partners continue to set ambitious requirements for supplier and product documentation. This is due to new legislation and the demand for sustainable building certificates and also to the increasing desire on the part of end-users and developers for low carbon building solutions.

In order to meet these demands, we have invested in a comprehensive supplier risk management tool, established a supplier engagement portal and set up a sustainability programme for our suppliers to adhere to. In partnership with our suppliers, we continue to maintain a high standard of business ethics and respect for human rights.

Planting trees for the future
Last year, we converted the land around our head office in Denmark into areas of biodiversity. This year, we took further steps towards a long-term biodiversity strategy from which future generations will benefit.

We acquired a property of 50 hectares in proximity to our head office in Denmark. In the coming years, we expect to acquire additional properties. Focus will be on afforestation and accretion of biodiversity on the land we acquire.


Change takes a team
Sustainability encompasses more than the climate and our environment. It is about resilience, sound reasoning and establishing a holistic view. In order for us to succeed, we are dependent on the efforts of all our employees and their
commitment to deliver on our targets and continue our green transition.

Overall it is about reducing our own emissions and helping our customers to do the same. Together we can make a difference.

Jens Andersen

How we work with sustainability