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Solar converts 485 cars to EV by 2030

April 26, 2021

Electrification and climate & energy improvements are key drivers to a more sustainable society. This is the very core of our business and what we provide to our customers. That is why we have decided to join EV100 and will convert our company fleet to EV by 2030. This transition involves 485 company cars.

Head of EV100, Sandra Roling, says "We are delighted to have Solar join EV100. Their business is already based around the green transition, so this is an obvious next step for them as an organisation. By transitioning fleets to electric in their own operations, they’re demonstrating the company’s broader commitment to the vision of a zero carbon energy and transport system.”

First and foremost, we want to contribute to a more sustainable society by continuously reducing CO2 emissions. We have an ambition of setting up EV chargers at all our major sites by 2023. We have already installed +60 EV chargers and expect to double this amount within the coming three years to the benefit of our employees, customers, business partners and the environment.

“When we decide to join EV100, which is part of the international NGO Climate Group, it’s because we want to compare ourselves to an international bench mark. But also, because we have a really high stake in the EV agenda. Not only do we market a range of chargers, we also offer counselling and training to our customers regarding chargers and install them ourselves. It’s only natural that we seek to convert our own fleet of company cars.
We operate with a mindset called ‘green together’ and part of that is our ambition to run a responsible and sustainable business”
- Mette Bredkjær, Director Group Operations

“Our customers are increasingly involved in green projects, implementing climate and energy solutions like heat pumps, EV chargers and solar panels. We collaborate with a range of the top suppliers and offer an EV charger monitoring platform called Spirii in Denmark, so EV is a great business potential to Solar”.
- Dennis Jeppesen, Sales Director Climate & Energy

Therefore, it is only natural that Solar contributes and take active part in the EV agenda and why we also embark on the journey to start changing our own fleet with a long term goal of having our fleet transitioned to become an EV fleet by 2030.

About EV100

EV100 is a global initiative with members from more than 80 countries bringing together companies committed to switching their fleets to electric vehicles and installing charging infrastructure for employees and customers by 2030. EV100 members are increasing demand, influencing policy, and driving mass roll-out - helping to make electric vehicles more rapidly affordable for everyone.