Compliance with the law is fundamental for all businesses. In Solar, we want more

11 January 2017

Responsible sourcing through partnerships
To us, sustainability is a natural part of running a successful business. We have committed ourselves to strive for profitable growth through ethical business. One thing is ensuring that we operate in a financially, environmentally and socially responsible way within our own ranks. However, while we are working hard to optimise our own processes, we acknowledge the fact that you can only drive real change through collaboration.

We want to be absolutely sure that the products we offer our customers have been produced and transported under a number of standards within ethics, human rights, labour rights, health and safety and environmental management. Therefore, we have initiated a partnership with our suppliers, calling on them to sign our updated Code of conduct.

Our Code of conduct declares that Solar Group expects its suppliers to uphold the policies of Solar Group concerning compliance with all applicable law, respect for human rights, environmental conservation and the safety of products and services.

“Of course we acknowledge the fact that many of our business partners operate in different environments when it comes to legal and cultural matters. However, we are determined to find common ground with this so that our customers can rest assured that business with Solar is always responsible business,” explains Thomas Clausen, sourcing responsible for the Solar Group.

Stronger together
“In Solar, we have always worked very closely with our suppliers. Tying the knot between us even closer and pursuing a common goals via our Code of conduct was a natural step for both of us. Responsible sourcing takes an effort from everyone in our value chain, but to us and to our suppliers, it is a given,” says Thomas who is implementing a new sourcing strategy for the Solar Group. Part of the strategy is a systematic implementation of Solar’s updated Code of conduct for all suppliers.
“It is important to us that our suppliers uphold high standards for their way of doing business. We cannot do it all in one day. But we acknowledge the role that we play in our society. And we’re excited to make continuous progress towards a more sustainable future," Thomas concludes.