Our concepts are fitted to our customers' exact needs. Whether they are after cost-efficient choices, high-quality goods or the best buy, we have labelled our products so that you will have an easier time choosing between them. Just like in the supermarket.

At the same time, the concepts enable us to substitute low-margin products with concept alternatives. The resulting changes in customer patterns of behaviour have improved our gross profit margin and reduced costs for our customers – a win/win situation.

We have aligned and expanded our product portfolio within each concept across borders, which ensures that our customers can be assured of an alternative solution.


Best buy

Solar Plus is our assortment of high-quality products at competitive prices.
Based on our vast experience we are able to put together an assortment that covers up to 80% of your daily need for materials.
The products are always in stock, so you can have them delivered right away - either one or one hundred at a time! That is Solar Plus. Read more


More for less

We focus on making sure that you always get the most value out of the money you spend.
Solar Netto means that we have removed all extra costs and is your guarantee for constant low prices.
Solar Netto is a basic assortment for indoor and outdoor use. The products are of a good enough quality and always in stock.


Construction projects made easy

Buy goods in bulk.
We deliver your materials within four workdays and guarantee that they live up to the ordered specifications.
With Solar Project, you get an efficient purchasing process for your projects.



Customised assortment for Trade customers

Solar Select are selected and customised products for our Trade customers, meaning hotels, caravan sites, fitness centres and DIY, among others. You get quality products at competitive prices for daily business and fast and flexible delivery. Easy, digital integration via EDI.


When lighting plays a role

When a standard solution does not cover your needs, we specially design unique solutions for your lighting project.
Our lighting specialists, who have a wide experience and extensive knowledge, can find the optimum lighting solution for any type of project – indoor as well as outdoor. With Solar Light, you can even make your own lighting calculations. Read more


Cables for any task

Solar Cable’s network of acknowledged international suppliers and manufacturers makes it possible to deliver special cables for any task.
We have one of the most complete inventories of cables and leads in the business, which all comply with current international standards.


Quality without compromise

Solar Tools covers tools, fastening and articles of consumption. The concept guides you in how to save both time and money.
An inventory solution that frees up capital and efficient working hours.
High-quality products for any type of task, handpicked by our experts.


Heating assortment, services and expertise

Solar Heat is a wide assortment of quality heating products at reasonable prices and fast delivery.

We provide installation services and the expertise needed to help your clients live comfortably, while at the same time improving sustainability.


Everything you need within climate and renewable energy

Solar Zero is a quality portfolio of products within the field of Climate and Renewable Energy aimed at achieving best-in-class transparency and responsibility.
The catalogue of products focuses on convenience, logistics and availability, which will make it easier for our customers to select the right solution for their next green project.
Solar Zero comprises products within the following categories: heat pumps, solar panels, ventilation and EV chargers.