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New lighting changes patients’ daily lives

With the newest technologies and lighting products on the market, it’s now possible to adapt the light and atmosphere to fit the customers’ wishes and needs. At a psychiatric ward they have experienced first-hand what difference lighting can have on both patients and staff.

Light influences our sleep and well-being. They know all about this at the psychiatric ward at Vejle Hospital in South Denmark, where they see a great influence on the patients from dynamic circadian rhythm light. The light automatically changes with the seasons and the time of day. This means that the day starts with a high colour temperature light, while becoming less blue and more dimmed, soft and cosy as the day passes.

- The light is supposed to help the patients wake up in the morning and get ready for the day, and then also help them fall asleep in natural way in the evening, says Heine Fabricius Rasmussen, a special consultant for construction in the Region of Southern Denmark.

He explains how research shows that close to 80 % of admitted patients have a disturbed circadian rhythm. This means that they have trouble falling asleep, wake up too early, or fall asleep in the middle of the day. The dynamic circadian rhythm light is going to help the patients get their natural circadian rhythm back while they’re in the hospital.

We have fitted circadian rhythm light in hallways, common areas, staff offices, and patients’ rooms, etc. The light has different purposes in the different rooms. For the staff it might be all about staying fresh, while the patients may need to calm down.

Both staff and patients say that the new light has a good effect. Among other things, it helps the patients calm down in the evening, says Heine Fabricius Rasmussen. 

Specially designed light fittings and DALI control
The psychiatric ward’s new building is in scenic surroundings, which is also reflected in the architecture. So the effects of the light was not the only thing that was required, the design was also important.

- Standard fittings were not an option. Therefore, most of them are specially designed round light fittings that fit in with the organic shapes of the building, Solar’s lighting specialist Torben Conradsen explains.

All the light fittings are controlled via DALI, so that the light can be set individually for the different rooms. The DALI protocol was designed together with several suppliers so that any changes, extensions etc. can be implemented simply and easily.


  • Research shows that light has a big influence on our sleep and our sense of contentment. This also applies to our contentment with our working environment
  • Furthermore, research shows that light with a high colour temperature increases mental activity with people and improves our working effort, while warm light relaxes us
  • Light inhibits production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which explains why we are more active during the day than during the night
  • For people who work at night, circadian rhythm light is particularly beneficial. The light can be adjusted to lower production of sleep hormone and, thus, prevent people from getting tired and falling asleep
  • In rooms where no natural light enters, circadian rhythm light can have a positive effect on the work too

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