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Meet our digital partners and the disruptive tools they provide. Your workday may be made easier with some of these technological wonders.

Solar partners up with digital frontrunners

Our investments in front-line digital businesses combine our deep industry knowledge and decades of digitalisation experience with their business innovation and new, scalable digital platforms. This means that we are able to deliver innovative industry solutions to the market at a higher pace.

On this page you can learn more about our partnerships and the disruptive digital tools they provide.

We strategically position ourselves to benefit from industry transformation and digitalisation, making Solar an attractive business development partner for innovative customers and entrepreneurs.

Next level efficiency for construction sites

With Letsbuild, construction sites will get cohesive and efficient workflows across professions, eliminating waste of resources while giving project managers real-time insights and overview via a dynamic project plan.


Job and resource management reinvented

Minuba is a software company focused on optimising and streamlining operations for both small and large companies, especially in the field of installation, building and construction.


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