BIMobject signs agreement with LINK arkitektur

NEWS January 2, 2019

BIMobject announces that LINK arkitektur has signed a license agreement to use the solution BIMobject Hercules. With the help of Hercules, internal management of BIM objects such as doors, windows and bathroom fixtures, will be streamlined.

LINK arkitektur is a leading architectural firm in Scandinavia. The company has 15 offices, with over 470 employees spread across Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. In order to simplify the internal management of BIM objects and to streamline the handling between all offices, the company has chosen to use the private cloud solution Hercules.

BIMobject Hercules facilitates a flexible collaboration internally, or between different members in a project. In addition, it is possible to develop, organize, standardize and manage everything from specific BIM objects to entire properties. The cloud service gives full control of all information about the objects or products, as well as who has access to them. This minimizes the risk of duplication of work, misunderstanding and reworking.

With BIMobject Hercules, LINK arkitektur ensures that the 15 offices always have access to the latest and correct BIM objects for planning e.g. hospitals, schools, residential cares, and housing. LINK arkitektur uses the Revit and ArchiCAD tools in its process and has many proprietary BIM objects for both tools. Consequently, they also need to quickly and efficiently create BIM objects, as well as handle two different file formats and their information as one. LINK arkitektur sees the combination Hercules and BIMscript – BIMobject's tool for converting and creating BIM objects – as the solution.

"BIMobject Hercules is another piece of the puzzle in our seamless digital work that enables efficient workflow with easier collaboration across offices and country borders. That way, we can always staff our projects with the best resources, regardless of physical location", says Arno De Ryst, Head of BIM Development and Digitizing Manager at LINK arkitektur.

The license agreement entails that BIMobject will primarily serve as a partner and provide the BIMobject Hercules cloud service. Additionally, BIMobject will educate LINK arkitektur in BIMscript and help the company to efficiently structure, distribute and manage its internal object library.

"I'm pleased to work closely with LINK arkitektur in 2019 to streamline the way they manage their internal object library. I think many, if not everyone, has a need to streamline their management of internal objects. It’s exciting that LINK arkitektur sees BIMobject Hercules as the solution", says Viktor Davidov, Solution Specialist at BIMobject.


About BIMobject AB

BIMobject is a leading global IT company at the forefront of digitalisation of the construction industry. BIMobject offers a cloud-based platform, with over 1,000 manufacturers providing digital product information. Around the cloud-based platform, which currently has over 1 million users, BIMobject offers a number of solutions aimed at property owners, construction companies and the trade sector. BIMobject, founded in 2011, operates in 20 countries and has over 200 employees. Revenue for 2017 amounted to SEK 84 million. BIMobject's shares are traded on Nasdaq First North under the ticker: BIM. BIMobject's Certified Advisor is FNCA Sweden AB.

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