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GenieBelt and APROPLAN merge to create a new force in construction technology

NEWS January 30, 2019

GenieBelt enters into a merger agreement with APROPLAN, which will give customers an end-to-end digital solution covering the construction phase with on-site planning, progress communication, and on-site follow-up communication.

LetsBuild will be their new name after the merger. The name perfectly represents the shared values and vision for accelerating the transition of the industry and the construction phase, in particular, to the digital era.

For the past five years, GenieBelt co-founder Klaus Nyengaard and APROPLAN CEO Thomas Goubau have met on a regular basis to discuss developments in the construction technology sector and how to increase efficiency and minimise rework, miscommunication and errors.

The user base totals thousands of companies using GenieBelt and APROPLAN around the world, and they will now benefit from getting the strengths from both project planning and quality assurance.

Klaus Nyengaard, GenieBelt co-founder, will be appointed the new CEO of the Danish-Belgian company, and Thomas Goubau, the Belgian and former CEO of APROPLAN, will become CCO of LetsBuild.

In 2018, GenieBelt and APROPLAN had combined growth of 75 percent, and the ambition is to continue this development.

We share the vision that ‘simple to use’ products will bring immense value to the construction sector”, says the LetsBuild CEO Klaus Nyengaard.

GenieBelt is excited to get to combine their experience and expertise in real-time communication and collaboration on construction projects with APROPLAN, the leading Benelux construction management app for facilities management and construction-related processes.

We could have decided to just cooperate and integrate features from each other. But we wanted to make sure that we were totally aligned in the market since our products complement each other extremely well and our companies have shared values. Our existing customers will have access to a broader range of innovative solutions to cover all core processes in the built phase”, says LetsBuild CCO Thomas Goubau.

Together, both companies are used in thousands of projects in more than 35 countries and have offices in Copenhagen, Brussels. London, Paris, and Lodz.

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