Special handling

This area covers everything within special packaging, labelling and preassembly. These services will optimise and improve the efficiency of your processes. Check them out and start saving time tomorrow.

• Solar Kit
• Special labelling
• Preassembly

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Here, you’ll find all our services linked to distribution and the flow of materials. Special delivery requirements are not a problem and we’ll make sure that your materials are delivered on time, exactly where they are needed.

• Day delivery
• Night delivery
• Fastbox

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Inventory management

This area covers everything regarding the control and servicing of your inventory. We have a solution for every location you require and this will help you free up capital as well as reduce transaction costs.

• Kanban
• 3PL

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Express delivery with Solar Fastbox

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Kanban service for an optimised inventory

See Nilfisk case here
Construction site logistics

Building site services
Reduce your inventory with 30%

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