Delivery solutions

Delivery covers all the services linked to the distribution and flow of materials. This can be special delivery requirements as well as the physical control of the flow within a construction site. We focus on improving efficiency. That means that you’ll have your items delivered exactly where you need them, on time, every time.

Delivery on your needs and wishes

No matter the nature of your projects
Maybe the stability of a fixed time and place of delivery each week is just what you need. Or perhaps your place of work changes, and you therefore need materials delivered from day to day and in different places and at different times. Or your projects are of such sizes or complexity that they require someone else to handle your flow of materials entirely.

We find the right solution for you
Our delivery setup is equipped to handling a vast variety of tailored solutions in relation to the distribution and flow of materials. Our main concern is that it should be convenient and easy for you.

Standard deliveries or specialised needs - you got it!
We handle anything from special delivery requirements to the physical control of the material flow at a construction site. And no matter the distant or strategic location or urgent need, we have the right solution for you.

There might be local differences for the services in all countries. Go to your local site to find out more detailed information about the services in your country.

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What's in it for me?

Improve efficiency with products delivered over night. No time goes to waste 


Employees will finish projects faster and be able to leave work on time


Reduce time wasted on retrieving products

Delivery Solutions

Solar Fastbox

Express delivery to customers. Spend time on profitable tasks with the customer. Happier customers and less stress.

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Day delivery

At Solar Day Delivery, the goods arrive within normal business hours on working days when the employees are present to meet the driver and receive the goods.

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Night delivery

Solar Night Delivery is offered when the delivery is requested to be received within the next business day, usually with delivery before 07 a.m. The driver must have access to the location where the item is to be delivered.

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24 hours Delivery

The emergency phone is open outside normal business hours. On weekends and holidays, the emergency phone is operated 24/7.

Slot time delivery

Solar offers slot time delivery when you need customized reception within a given period of time. It may be that a gate is closing, SLOT time in the project, etc.

Courier/Express Delivery

Solar courier is offered to those who want fast delivery so you do not have to interrupt the work you have started. The service also includes air freight.

Crane Delivery

Solar offers crane delivery when the delivery requires transport by crane due to weight, volume or place of delivery. For example, transport of pipes and cables.

Special Delivery

We offer several types of delivery services. Do you need special transport, night delivery or delivery by crane? We help you deliver what you need, when you need it.

Fixed Delivery day

In projects, delivery may be required for fixed appointment days. Contact us and together we can make a plan for deliveries according to the desired time and place.

Click n Collect

With "Click n Collect" you can order items in the webshop and pick them up at your local Drive-In store.

"2,000 electricity meters have to be in 120 different cars every single morning. The logistics task is certainly not simple. So far, Solar has met all of our expectations" Morten Winther, Program Manager at Kamstrup

Solar and Kamstrup have provided 300,000 citizens with new electricity meters in under 12 months

A massive project to replace one million electricity meters in Danish households in just three years. Solar handles the logistics and is crucial to the project's current success, according to Kamstrup, who produces the electricity meters.

10,000 electricity meters. Every week. Every month. Every year. By 2019, 1 million electricity meters will be replaced in one of the biggest projects of its kind in Scandinavia at an estimated value of 240 million euros. Months of planning went into ensuring that the installation of up to 2,000 meters every day would go smoothly, and one year after... 

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