Day delivery

Your goods arrive within regular opening hours on weekdays, when your people are there to receive them and make sure that our trucks and drivers have access.

Day delivery is available for shipments to construction sites, your store or any project address your currently working at.


  • Get your products delivered while your there to receive them
  • The most economic type of delivery

Night delivery

Night delivery is for you who wants to receive the materials before the next workday begins. Delivery usually takes place before 7 a.m.

So when you arrive at work, everything you need to start your day is delivered.

You need to order your items before 6 p.m. in order to have them delivered before 7 a.m. the next morning.


  • Items are delivered before your work begins
  • No valuable time wasted for the installers

Solar Fastbox

Making a quick trip to the store after spare parts may often take longer than expected. You might hit traffic, maybe the items are not in stock or you run into someone you know and have a small chat. And suddenly a lot of time has gone by.

That’s why we offer to make that trip for your employees, so that they can stay with the customer and continue working.

Order a Solar Fastbox and have it delivered right where you need it. That’ll get you more satisfied customers and better profitability.
A Fastbox may be ordered via our web shop or the app, Solar Mobile.

Depending on your location, we can deliver within 1 or 2 hours. Visit your local Solar to see how we divide your area into zones and expected delivery time.


  • Have your items delivered within the hour
  • Happier customers
  • Less stress
  • Improved efficiency

Case: How to get ahead of your competitors

Danish electrician and plumber, Finn L. & Davidsen, needed to become more efficient in order to beat the competition and compete with market prices.

Solar helped the company creating a carefully selected assortment to keep in the vans. Materials that make sense according to the usual jobs they receive.
The installers also have a digital catalogue of favourites, which means that they can quickly find the items they use the most and order more.
Every week, Solar delivers statistics for the company, so that they can keep track of the development.

Last year, Finn L. & Davidsen had 22,000 trips to the store for materials. But now that customers send them images of the job beforehand, the new assortment in the vans and the Fastbox service, they have reduced the amount of pick-up trips with 75%.

Usually, we would go visit the customer and take a look at the job. Then, we would leave to pick up the materials needed. It was extremely inefficient Lasse Houengaards, Owner

75% fewer pick-ups at the wholesaler

Order a Fastbox with our app