Inventory management

Get ahead with Inventory management

Looking to free up capital to improve your business and get ahead of your competitors?

With our services within Inventory management, you’ll get what you need, when and where you need it. We offer to control and handle your inventory to any degree you prefer, saving you time, money and space.

We can also help consolidate your supplier portfolio – all of this with the purpose of making your life easier and free up capital tied to your inventory to strengten and develop other aspects of your business.

What's in it for me?

  • Financial savings and more working 
    capital to invest back in your business.
  • Reduce complexity in procurement 
    and management of your inventory.
  • Reduce loss and avoid waste 
    of frequently used products.

Inventory Management Solutions


Reduce your amount of deliveries and achieve better stock management with Solars Vendor Managed Inventory.

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Third Party Logistics

Use 3PL to eliminate warehouse costs and free up capital to expand your business.

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Ensure availability of often used products.

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VMI: Achieve cost savings in just 3 months

VEAB Heat Tech AB is the market leader in Europe when it comes to heating solutions and ventilation systems. And they had a lot to gain once they dared letting Solar take control.

A 30 year partnership entails a profound trust, which VEAB used to improve their business. For instance, daily manual tasks were now automated which meant that the freed up time could be spent on more value adding processes.

These integrated IT solutions for intelligent warehouse management are perfect for industrial companies.

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We trust Solar and we don’t need to surveille such a reliable supplier Lars M. Nilsson, Procurement Manager, veab heat tech

Pneumatics and Kanban system reduces downtime at SP Moulding

At SP Moulding, missing a simple air fitting causes standstill and costs of several thousand euros per hour. Therefore, having the right amount of spare parts in stock at all times is critical to reducing downtime, says the company’s director

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