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Boost your productivity

Reduce unproductive time by ordering via our mobile app. Easy and accessible right in your pocket. Order materials to be delivered within the hour and see your order history directly in the app


Keep order costs down

Avoid wasting time searching for products. With Solar Favourites you access your own customised catalogue, which keeps track of your most ordered items. An easy way to keep down order costs which leaves you with time and money to grow your business


Reduce manual labour

With EDI integration, you will be in full control of your flow of orders as our electronic solution handles your ordering documents. This way, you minimise errors when reading item lines and prices and profit from less order mistakes

Solar Webshop

Convenient ordering around the clock. Solar Webshop is an easy-to-use digital tool for optimised efficiency and streamlining of your business

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Solar Mobile

Easy, on-the-go access to functionalities in our web shop that make your workday more efficient


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EDI integration


Connect with Solar’s e-procurement system and streamline your business processes

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